An excerpt from Forbes, written by Micah Solomon, a culture change consultant, company culture consultant and the author.


Want to use your leadership to drive cultural change at your company? Here’s what it takes: a 9-point checklist of what we’ve found, as culture change consultants, to be required for a company culture to achieve organizational and customer experience excellence.


  1. Begin
  2. Codify your cultural decision in a very short statement
  3. Change your hiring practices to reflect your (newly) stated values.
  4. Improve your onboarding:
  5. Adjust your personnel policies
  6. Write down your standards
  7. Come up with a sustainable reinforcement plan
  8. Use the right metrics, and get rid of the wrong ones:
  9. Commit yourself to employee-directed job design



…A culture is a living thing, powered by and kept up to date by the people who are encouraged to be, in a meaningful way, part of it.


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