An excerpt from a SAP Business Innovation blog post by: Deidre Paknad, CEO of Workboard, Inc.


Two-thirds of corporate recruiters say their organization has a difficult time managing millennials and a similar number of executives give millennials low grades for work preparedness according to Deloitte – alarming because they comprise a third of the workforce. While it’s common to call them out as “different” or “difficult”, they may not be either of those things.


The uncertainty, ambiguity and even anxiety of leaving two decades of school for a whole new life? If you graduated in tough economic times as I did, the working world was an uncertain place, business had stumbled and wasn’t exactly inspiring. Even if the economy was good, the next 5-10 years were far less certain than they appear after 30.


Some considerations:


  • Remember when you were 24?
  • Expectations for transparency and tools are very different
  • Imagine the potential capacity breakthrough for an enterprise: less meetings and reporting but real time transparency
  • Welcome to the team


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