SCP26 - When IT's Slogan is Why Not SAP

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    SCP26 - When IT's Slogan is Why Not SAP -

    To stay competitive and remain relevant, companies are going digital and retiring older systems. Most SAP customers' IT groups will implement SAP tools unless compelling reasons exist not to. You'll hear clear rationale and value propositions, as described in a business context, for when and why SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) should be the hub for integrating these tools.Attend this session to learn:

    • SAP IBP integration capabilities and limitations. How can these affect total cost of ownership.

    • SAP is leading the supply chain market. How does SAP IBP compare to the competition. Some real life examples.

    • The future of SAP IBP. Where and how does IBP fit in SAP's digital landscape and how does it impact your IT landscape.

    Clay Thomas, Principal, SCMO2 Inc.; Nico Groenewald, Principal, SCMO2 Inc.