HRP27 - ASUG University Overview

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    HRP27 - ASUG University Overview - There’s a lot to love about SAP. And a lot to learn. But if you’re an SAP end user, you may find that most SAP training classes are designed for IT professionals. ASUG is thrilled to introduce ASUG University: Where SAP end-users go to get real-world, hands-on training taught in their language. ASUG U’s courses and workshops—created and delivered by world-class instructors—focus on building foundational skills for end users to improve their use of SAP. The results: you are more productive in your work, and your company increases the return on its SAP investments. - Jeff Word, VP, ASUG U



    Jeff will give an overview of the new ASUG University program and how you can help your end users love SAP even more with ASUG U.