DT: SAP Leonardo - The Power of Intelligent Technologies – Part II

Version 2


    In this session, we look at the extraordinary breakthrough technologies available today and highlight examples of how businesses are exploring and adopting them.

    SAP Leonardo enables faster innovation with less risk for customers by creating an approach to innovation – helping you evaluate the technologies and capabilities including Big Data, Internet of Things, and Data Intelligence to support your ever-changing business.

    How can organizations ensure that complex uses of data and transactions in the digital economy are safe, secure, and simplified?

    What are the best approaches to get started? How can you realize the promise of these technologies without disrupting business today?

    This session will share specific customer scenarios addressing:     

    • Big Data - Managing vast amounts of big data
    • Internet of Things (IoT) - Connecting things with people and processes
    • Data Intelligence - Putting data into business context

    Join SAP Leonardo leaders and experts to find out how customers are rapidly innovating, scaling new business models, and continually redefining compelling organizational challenges to achieve success.


    Mike Eacrett - Vice President of Product Management, SAP. Leading SAP's Big Data Management (SAP Data Hub), In-Memory Distributed Computing Platform (SAP Vora), and Enterprise Information Management Products

    Tom Raftery – Global Vice President and Internet of Things Evangelist, SAP. Demonstrating SAP’s strategy and vision to enable organizations and realize the benefits of IoT

    Helen Arnold - President, SAP Data Network – Leading digital transformation through data