Cyber: Ten Best Practices to Mitigate Risk to your SAP System - What You Need to Know and Do Today !

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    Justin Somaini, SAP’s Global Chief Security Officer will review best practice areas that SAP customers can utilize today to secure their SAP systems from cyber attacks.  Topics to be covered include prioritizing SAP security, how to address common SAP security challenges and what’s in the future for SAP security.

    Strategies will be discussed that will help companies learn more in the areas of security compliance, secure operation of an SAP system, set up and infrastructure considerations of an SAP system, keeping an SAP system patched and updated, encryption, and addressing SAP vulnerabilities.  A key takeaway will be where to find more detailed information on security measures for SAP security.


    Justin Somaini, Global Chief Security Officer - SAP

    Ming Chang, Americas Regional Lead/ Cloud Information Security Awareness- SAP