Cloud: Why HANA Enterprise Cloud is the Best Option to Transform Your Company to the Cloud!

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    HANA Enterprise Cloud has become the cutting edge option for SAP customers wanting to transform their core solutions into an SAP cloud model. The HEC offering is tailor made to align with what our customers expect from a cloud solution with managed services. By leveraging the HEC model, companies can reduce risk while jump starting their journey to HANA and the latest of SAP’s products and solutions. In this session, we’ll discuss the HEC value proposition and how companies are finding significant ROI and TCO when leveraging the HANA Enterprise Cloud for their IT and Business transformation. 


    Jay Foard, SAP 

    Speaker Bio:

    Jay Foard is a Vice President in SAP’s HANA Enterprise Cloud Customer Success group where he leads a team focused on driving successful planning and execution of HANA Enterprise Cloud solutions. Jay has previously led sales and delivery for SAP, been responsible for the HANA Practice in APJ, spending 5 years in Asia, and also worked in the Product and Innovation organization. 

    Jay is a long time veteran of SAP and has extensive experience focused on SAP Products and Solutions . He received an undergraduate degree in technology and has an MBA from the Duke University School of Business.