DT: The Art & Science of Accelerating a Digital Transformation ...with Purpose

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    In today’s disruptive, chaotic and uncertain times, digital transformation is no longer an option but a mandate.  This talk explores how the twin pillars of Purpose and Vision are part of a new, best-in-class strategy to accelerate and sustain enterprise wide adoption of new technologies and processes…@ the speed of digital.

    Examples will be shared of how Purpose and Vision combine to create a North Star that motivates employees and customers to action.  How Purpose and Vision catalyze top-down and bottom-up adoption by reframing a digital transformation from an important initiative…into an Inspiring Social Movement of Change. We  will also explore the critical role of the Leader of the Movement and how the principles of adaptive leadership and dynamic, agile teaming, are important contributors to enable and accelerate a successful digital journey.


    Jeff Stier, Co-Founder Global EY- Sinek Performance Practice, EY