DT: Creating the Right Technology Strategy for the Digital Economy

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    Bob Parker of IDC Research estimates that the application of digital technologies will create $18.5T of annual value to the global economy.  Thus, enterprises are pivoting their business strategies to be more technology centric and Line of Business as well as IT leadership are reshaping their strategic priorities thus.  In this webinar, guest speaker Bob Parker of IDC Research will discuss how the key technologies like cloud, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning contribute to executing on these priorities.

    Want to leapfrog your competition? Join Bob as he makes the case for choosing a common underlying technology foundation, a digital platform, to facilitate speed, scale, and scope in the emerging business models. 

    Bob will provide guidance on creating a plan for your company and will discuss the strengths and challenges of using SAP Leonardo in this capacity.


    Pat Bakey, SAP

    Bob Parker, IDC