Introduction to SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Q&A

Version 1

    Link to replay is here


    Does the service also available on RAD by mendix?


    yes and no; Mendix can use SCP Workflow service




    Hi - I have a few questions. First one - Can we send attachments with the email task? If not, will this be available in the future?


    Don't know ; on the list; use a service task instead




    Can we use a custom app, rather than My Inbox with the workflow?


    2 answers - depends on custom app; you have workflow API - yes and yes




    Hi DJ, great demo. I have a question. Is there a SAP recommendation about when to use SAP Cloud Platforn Workflow in preference to traditional SAP Workflow?



    can you share the link to yesterday webcast?


    Please see this blog for a link to replay of yesterday's webcast (and last week's S/4HANA Workflow)




    Will workflow in cloud work with Mobile Services smoothly or need some sort of extra integration or coding?


    depends; workflow API available to anywhere




    Hi Dj great demo. Does workflow provide flexible methods like rules/ org hierarchy to determine approvers like in gui one?


    no, no is right but use the business rules services




    How do you handle Outcomes and also, what kind of options we have for Agent determination? Can I try to call a Service and get the list of Agents for Agent Determination?


    yes, not sure about outcomes




    Another question - Is it advised that we do not store sensitive information in the workflow data? e.g. updating bank information for a Vendor change scenario with workflow


    GDPR - not sure...will think and reach DJ on twitter @qmacro




    thanks for the demo. I'm very new to SAPUI5 and SCP workflow. what will be the starting point for me to start learning the SCP workflow. I should start SAPUI5 first or directly SCP workflow


    Hi - thank you for attending; he has several links in his slides to getting started - here is a link to his slides




    What kind of authorization/role will be needed to access the log API?


    I think he is covering this now




    Can we show the context of JSON data each step inside the workflow monitor?






    Do we have any option to re-start the failed workflow like in ECC?






    How do we transport the workflow and its relevant objects?


    maybe re-ask this in the SAP Community - assuming between server accounts on SCP - manually - export/import, push deploy