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    Special thanks to Dell Stinnett-Christy for providing this webcast and Simon To for moderating


    Re: using an attached enterprise account to a 3rd party authentication for troubleshooting -- this throws our auditing off and shows that this user has logged in, when they really haven't. We need a different way to troubleshoot without 'dinging' that user for a login. Any suggestions?That is the easiest and quickest way to check a user's setting and permission. If the auditing is a big issue, you might have to create an enterprise account for testing
    Can you share details bout CMS universe in BO 42 SP3? Does this universe needs to be configured?(Confirmation: Is it from BO 4.2 SP4)There is a link at the end of the presentation
    how did the user get his folder access back when Everyone group had no access?Restore a backup
    Is it okay to put multiple application access in the same access levelIt is OK, but you do not want to. You want to minimize the security right the system has to go through.
    For OLAP Universes what all server/server categories are required?pieces of APS and Connectivity server
    Is there a way to suspend jobs prior to stopping systems and then resume when system is up again, so that jobs scheduled during the planned outage run again? Or we need to reschedule?You will have to manually pause the job.
    Ability to secure destination separately should be in BI4.2sp5Dell does not know; thank you for sharing. coming later is a specific folder, user group,
    For planned outages, if the job servers are disabled then will the existing jobs be still finished?yes
    does this apply for both Linux and windowsThe application works the same, regardless of the underlining OS
    If you want to run jobs on specific VM which is dedicated large server for specific job then you can use multiple job server and tie them with a server node, is that correct ?put a job server on that specific VM and group it with other servers on that VM
    Is there any tool to archive FRS on 4.2? How can we clean up or archive past years (say we want to keep only last 2 years of FRS) ? Is only solution to add storage and keep everything?3rd party tools are available such as APOS
    What is the coordinating setting in Web scheduling service for the job processing server Concurrent jobs. Concurrent jobs - look in APS for that; unless on an earlier version when you look at WebI Job Server
    Should we split a respective connection server into every webi or crystal or lumira server, to speed up the data retrival ?you can; but not guaranteed
    when we try to refresh the reports(Webi with BW BEx Queries), it is taking long time to show the prompt , what kind of steps we need to follow to identify the exact issue and how to fix it,Are these prompts from the BEx queries or from the Webi Query Panel?
    Bex Query PromptsPlease look at transaction RSRT to measure query response first.  Also please follow up on
    Where are the Crystal Reports temp files written?  To the Business Objects temp directory? Or the Temporary Directory designated in the Crystal Processing Server?It varies. Sometimes they're in the Windows temp folder, sometimes in the BOBJ temp folder.  In the past I've mostly seen them in the …\AppData\local\temp folder for the service account that's being used to run BOBJ.
    Doesn't the repository diagnostic tool perform the same function as the -prune switch?It does a lot more than that, and can be much more destructive, which is why we recommend that you first run it on a restored backup of your system and not on your production system.