Crystal Reports 2016 Crystal Reports for Enterprise Updates

Version 2


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    This was an ASUG webcast week given by SAP.  More upcoming ASUG webcasts can be found here Upcoming ASUG Business Intelligence Community Webcasts


    vSAP converged all the Crystal Reports roadmaps into one.


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    Everything in the future is subject to change; the legal disclaimer applies.


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    Different versions of Crystal Reports

    Most customers are familiar with Crystal Reports 2016


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    The direction is fix the gaps

    Focus is distributed formatted information, text reporting


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    Added additional chart types, waterfall charts, improved platform support

    Upcoming SP will include flash support removal for prompts

    Platform support will include more data source options

    Geomap support for C4E

    In 2019 will have a unified viewer


    What's New


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    Above shows what is new in SP05, released in December


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    There can be more than 1 database in single server; multi server failover option

    Supported in both CR4E and Crystal Reports 2016


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    Multi-locale instances can be viewed


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    Above shows support for Smart View in the Fiorified BI Launch Pad

    Smart view is not a new feature


    Plans for SP06 - planned in Q3 this Year



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    UI5 prompting was mentioned in roadmap

    Main purpose is to remove Flash

    Also try to modernize the prompting experience

    Switch to turn on / off



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    UFL support in CR4E



    Source: SAP

    Share images and text options - no matter CR2016 or CR4E


    To influence Crystal Reports go to




    Q: What is the ROAD-MAP for Dynamic-Parameters (*Crystal Business-View Manger)..?


    A: business view still support but you should use IDT





    Q: Is there any PLAN from SAP for a 'Business-View to IDT prompt' Migration-Tool or Method..? (*some customers have 100's of Business Views)


    A: Donald will check - right now he is not aware of plans for this.




    A: Crystal Reports for Enterprise 2016 SP5 download: Install with existing CR2016 (Classic) key, or this temp code for a 30-day trial: D720A-YVSX30S-BYNDNDX-1A30040-WE


    A: Thank you!