ASUG BI Webcast Recording/Slides Reference List for 2018

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    This document meant to be your index of webcasts from the ASUG BI Community. We will try to keep this updated an useful as a quick reference linking to slides and recording of each session.


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    Live Session Date

    Simplifying your upgrade and consolidation to BW/4HANA


    Are you positioned to take advantage of BW/4HANA? Attend this session to learn about the stepping stones to BW/4HANA and how to get your system ready today, so that you are poised to take maximum advantage of BW/4HANA after you migrate. Learn about the options for migration, consolidation of your BW landscape and techniques for storing and accessing data.

    Bhanu Gupta,


    Pravin Gupta


    January 16, 2018

    Crystal Reports 2016 to Crystal Reports for Enterprise Migration

    This webcast will cover our recent effort to allow smoother migration from Crystal Reports 2016 to Crystal Reports for Enterprise, including:

    • Repository Items support (functions, images, text objects etc.)
    • User Function Libraries (UFL) support
    • Read-only report format support

    William Chou, Product Manager for Crystal Reports for Enterprise, SAP

    Donald Guo,Product Owner for Crystal Reports 2016and Crystal Reports for Visual Studio, SAP

    January 18, 2018

    SAP BusinessObjects BI Admin Best Practices


    Early responses to our annual ASUG surveys shows that BI Admin best

    practices / performance troubleshooting is a top-requested webcast. Dell

    Stinnett-Christy, ASUG Volunteer for the BI Platform SIG, will provide BI

    administrator best practices and performance troubleshooting.

    Dell Stinnett-Christy, ProtivitiJanuary 23, 2018

    Best Practices for Automated Analytics


    In this session, you will learn Best Practices for Automated Analytics & HANA implementations. Also discussed will be Authorizations, APL, Factory, where to save models, etc.

    Debraj Roy, SAP

    January 24, 2018

    Best Practices for Upgrading to SAP BusinessObjects BI Version 4.2


    Are you in charge of deploying and/or maintaining SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions and want to know the best way to upgrade to the latest 4.2 version? This session is your guide to learning the best hacks for deploying this latest version with the least possible production downtime and minimum impact on your users.Sathish Rajagopal, SAPJanuary 30, 2018

    What's New in Lumira Designer 2.1? -

    Introduction to Lumira 2.1, followed by a demo of the

    main innovations.

    Sukumar Natarajan,SAP, Director, SAP Leonardo, SAP Analytics Cloud, LumiraJanuary 31, 2018

    BI: Integrated Planning Solutions with SAP Planning and Consolidation 11.0 for SAP BW/4HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud

    Slides are here

    Integrated Planning Solutions with SAP Planning and Consolidation 11.0 for SAP BW/4HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud Webcast Q&A

    The requirements for business scenarios and systems architectures regarding planning and consolidation applications are very diverse. With the help of our two generic planning applications SAP Business and Consolidation 11.0 for SAP BW4/HANA and SAP Analytics, we have two powerful planning solutions which can be used to create generic and integrativetailored solutions for each customer scenario.

    In this session, we will introduce you to the different applications and provide a Product Roadmap and Strategy Update.

    Detlef Wassmuth, SAPFebruary 6, 2018

    How to Become a Visualization Guru: Tips & Tricks on Web Intelligence Charts


    Learn what is the chart engine used in Web Intelligence, the latest chart developments and improvements, deep dive into unknown chart customizations, charts you did not know you could do in Web Intelligence and key points to take home.Pascal Gaulin, SAP,Web Intelligence Product ExpertFebruary 14

    SAP Analytics Cloud for SAP BW/4 HANA  - Ready for the Future


    SAP Analytics Cloud unifies modern Self-Service BI with Planning- and Predictive Features in a homogeneous cloud based Platform. In this context SAP Analytics Cloud supports direct access to BW/4HANA without creating additional persistence. The presentation will provide an overview and a demo on the integration between BW/4HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud.


    Marc Bernard, SAP

    Abassin Sidiq, SAP

    February 22

    How to upgrade to Lumira 2.1 / best practices

    Q&A: How to upgrade to SAP Lumira 2.1 Best Practices Webcast Recap

    How to upgrade to Lumira 2.1 / best practices.

    Jie Deng, SAP

    Ramu Gowda Timma, SAP

    March 1

    Data Tiering Optimization with SAP BW/4HANA

    Slides are here

    Data Tiering Optimization in BW/4 HANA offers the possibility to automate the distribution of hot, warm and cold data to the appropriate storage media.The presentation will provide an overview on the configuration steps and an update on the planned roadmap for DTO.


    Josh Djupstrom, SAP

    March 6
    BI: SAP Analytics Cloud for Beginner

    Step through a detailed use case of how a company can leverage the different capabilities of SAP Analaytics Cloud to efficiently run their business. See live demos of what-if scenario modeling, time series forecasting, data exploration, guided machine discovery, geospatial analysis, and R integration.

    Jacob Stark,SAPMarch 8
    BI: BI Product availability Matrix (PAM) – What it is, what it means, how to read it, plans to improveBI Product availability Matrix (PAM) – What it is, what it means, how to read it, plans to improve.Maheshwar Singh, SAPMarch 13
    What’s new in SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.2 SP05?What’s new in SAP BOBJ Web Intelligence 4.2 SP05?Gregory Botticchio, SAPMarch 15
    What's new in SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.2 SP05?What's new in SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.2 SP05?Maheshwar Singh, SAPMarch 20
    SAP Leonardo OverviewHave you heard a lot about SAP Leonardo, but have questions about what it exactly is? This session will provide a high-level overview of SAP Leonardo – SAP’s system for digital transformation. We will talk about the key components of SAP Leonardo, some sample industry use cases and examples of how SAP is helping enterprises across different industries through their digital transformation.”

    Vrushal Dongre, Director – Product Management Leonardo, SAP


    March 22
    SAP Analytics Cloud ASUG Influence Council LaunchASUG members who use or plan to use SAP Analysis Cloud are invited to join the ASUG BI Community in learning how they can influence the future direction of the software. ASUG Influence Councils provide structured forums where members collaborate with peers and SAP solution managers to solve similar product challenges, share ideas, and influence specific SAP products and services. The participant profile includes both IT and business users. This is a unique ASUG benefit to you to influence SAP on future direction.

    Ingo Hilgefort, SAP

    Joyce Butler, Nexeo Solutions

    Christina Obry,SAP

    Christoph Albrecht,SAP

    Paul Ekeland,SAP

    Paul Brownsey,SAP

    Eric Yew,SAP

    March 26
    BI: Flexible Conversion Possibilities to SAP BW/4HANA: In Place - and Remote ConversionWith the In place - and Remote Conversion, we offer our BW customers flexible possibilities to convert their existing BW system to BW/4. Prerequisite for the In place conversion is BW7.5, SP5, powered by SAP HANA, whereas the Remote conversion also supports BW 7.0 on "any DB." The presentation provides a deep dive on both approaches and shares first customer experiences. We will share details about major enhancements of the Transfer Toolbox.Marc Bernard,SAPMarch 27
    BI: SDK Enhancements in BI4.2 - Enhancements We Have Made So Far, Including SP05SDK enhancements in BI4.2 - Enhancements we have made so far including SP05Karthik Kanniyappan, SAPMarch 29
    Unlock real-time analytics with geo-driven decision makingYour business data is changing every second (inventory, orders, events, and more). Your assets are constantly moving, and are impacted by factors like weather, traffic, security threats and other unforeseen hazards. How can you best correlate all of your business data--including geospatial data--to make critical predictions and decisions in real-time? Learn how you can use SAP HANA and the spatial capabilities to provide a one-stop shop to geo-enable your intelligent enterprise. Stop working with siloes of data and discover how to unlock critical new location-enriched insights…in real time. We’ll also discuss how you can consume the spatial data via key analytics solutions, like SAP Analytics Cloud, Fiori, and UI5.Jeremy Greene, SAPApril 2
    BI: Effective Data Visualization with SAP Lumira Designer 2.0

    Learn best practices of dashboard design and data visualization in a detailed,
    practical, step-by-step, and ready-to-use way. The focus of this session is on a common set of dashboard design rules, such as the usage of different visualization, colors, and text, as part of an overall dashboard design process. These best practices are contrasted with less successful design examples in SAP Lumira Designer 2.0.

    Eshwar Venkatadri,Visual BIApril 3
    What’s new in SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.2 SP05? Part 2Attend this session to find out the future of SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence. Please note:This call will be a continuation of the webcast "What’s new in SAP BOBJ Web Intelligence 4.2 SP05?" that took place on Thursday March 16th, 2018.Gregory Botticchio, SAPApril 4
    BI: Security and Data Protection Enhancements in BI4.2Security and data protection enhancements in BI4.2 - Understand all the enhancements and changes in BI4.2 with regards to data protection, security and third party libraries.Ashutosh Rastogi, SAPApril 5
    BI: SAP BW/4HANA ContentJoin this session to learn more about SAP BW/4HANA Content

    Brian Wood, SAP

    Natascha Marienfield,SAP

    April 10
    BI: BI Admin Console - What is it, Why was it Built?Attend this session to get a glimpse of those exciting and interesting capabilities offered by the BI admin console. This is available for the first time in the BI4.2 SP5 release.Maheshwar Singh, SAPApril 12
    BI: Install Enhancements in BI4.2Maheshwar Singh, SAPApril 17
    BI: BI Platform RoadmapMaheshwar Singh, SAPApril 19

    BI: Predictive Modeling in SAP Analytics Cloud


    See how predictive in SAP Analytics Cloud delivers an integrated solution capable of solving real world use cases, which brings the best of BI, Planning and Predictive in a single platform. In this webinar we will show how SAP Analytics Cloud customers can build predictive models, consume the results of those models in BI and Planning scenarios and put the models into production in Business Applications. We will also cover our vision for predictive within Analytics Cloud.Robert McGrath,SAPApril 24
    BI: Overview of SAP Mobile Analytics and RoadmapThis session will give an overview on SAP Mobile Analytics Strategy. The session will provide further information on features that are coming up on SAP Mobile BI SAP Roambi and SAP Analytics Cloud mobile applications. Furthermore, we will discuss the roadmap for each of these products.

    Vivek Das, SAP

    Santi Becerra, SAP

    Terry Penner, SAP

    April 26
    What is the future of Web Intelligence : 4.2 SP06 and next, our plansAttend this session to find out the future of SAP BusinessObjects Web IntelligenceAttend this session to find out the future of SAP BusinessObjects Web IntelligenceGregory Botticchio, SAPMay 2
    BI: Best Practices for Making Gorgeous Stories with SAP Analytics CloudJoin us for a highly interactive session as we share data visualization best practices, resources, and customer examples. We will then take your input to transform a truly awful report into a well-designed, pixel-perfect, interactive story during a live demo of SAP Analytics Cloud.Jacob Stark, SAPMay 3
    BI: Integration of Data Warehousing Foundation with SAP BW/4HANAThis session will give an overview on the Integration of Data warehousing foundation with SAP BW/4HANA

    Heiko Schneider, SAP

    Storm Archer, SAP

    May 8

    BI: Discover the Latest Features of SAP Analytics Hub, Your Single Entry Point for all Analytics

    Discover the latest features of SAP Analytics Hub, your single entry point for all analytics.

    Laura Vega, SAP

    Olivier Duvelleroy, SAP

    May 14
    Deep Dive Preview of ASUG BI/Analytics/BusinessObjects Sessions at ASUG Annual ConferencePlease attend this webcast to get your BI/Analytics/BusinessObjects Roadmap for the ASUG Annual Conference. This webcast will provide conference information both ASUG and SAPPHIRENOW and help you plan your conference agenda and maximize your conference experience. In this 30 minute session, see a preview of these BI/Analytics/BusinessObjects sessions and why you should attend SAP’s largest user conference.

    Joyce Butler, ASUG Volunteer

    Rachel Ho, SAP

    May 16

    SAP BW/4HANA and the SAP Data Hub

    Big data scenarios are critical to future data warehouse architectures and require special integration scenarios between the data warehouse and the data lake. This session provides an overview of how the SAP Data Hub and SAP BW / 4 HANA can be used to tightly integrate data and data flows, thus enabling completely new analysis scenarios.

    Josh Djupstrom, SAP

    Marc Hartz, SAP

    May 17
    SAP BW/4HANA and Predictive: Making Your Data Warehouse SmarterLearn how Predictive and BW/4HANA work together

    Brian Wood, SAP

    Andreas Forster, SAP

    May 22
    SAP BW/4HANA Architecture ArchetypesSAP BW/4HANA opens up a variety of modeling and architecture options. These range from the classic but streamlined EDW approach, to agile approaches that emphasize bottom-up modeling and virtualization, to the real-time analytics approach, where data replication is central. In this lecture, these approaches will be presented and discussed.

    Juergen Haupt, SAP

    Marc Bernard, SAP

    May 24
    What’s new in  SAP Lumira 2.2Learn what is new in SAP Lumira

    David Stocker, SAP

    Ashutosh Rastogi, SAP

    June 12
    What's new in Analysis Office 2.7Learn what is new in Analysis Office 2.7Alexander Peter, SAPJune 13
    SAP Hybrid Analytics

    Whether you are accessing content or blending data from on-premise or cloud, hybrid analytics should provide a seamless experience. This webinar will explore SAP's approach to hybrid analytics and give you a solid understanding around the following topics:

    • Market forces forces for analytics and how hybrid scenarios can be leveraged to support them
    • SAP's analytics strategy and SAP solutions for hybrid analytics, including use cases
    • SAP Analytics Hub
    Adrian Westmoreland, SAPJune 14
    BI: SAP Analytics Cloud introduction with a focus on planning capabilitiesDiscover how SAP Analytics Cloud brings together an end-to-end Business Intelligence and Predictive platform, while redefining Planning in the Cloud. Whether you are a Corporate Controller, or responsible for a Line of Business, across every industry, SAP Analytics Cloud provides all the options and flexibility for a quick and successful implementation, for both SAP and non-SAP customers


    Damien Fribourg, SAP


    June 20
    Modeling Time Dimensions in SAP BW/4HANAModeling time dimensions in SAP BW/4HANA

    Juergen Haupt, SAP

    Marc Bernard, SAP

    June 21
    Application Building Capability within SAP Analytics Cloud Learn about application building in SAP Analytics CloudJie Deng, SAPJune 26

    BI: Overview of Latest BI Features in SAP Cloud Analytics

    Learn about the most innovative BI features recently introduced in BI. In this webinar, we will explain how you can use the new Story & Visualisation features and showcase our latest releases in a real- life demo.

    Take- Away:

    • Comprehensive understanding of the latest BI features and their use – cases
    • A demo showcasing the most exciting BI features - Q&A session after the demo

    Christina Obry,SAP

    July 5
    BI: Smart Features and Conversational AI in SAP Analytics CloudMake better decisions, faster. Discover the next generation of smart discovery capabilities supported by the SAP Analytics Cloud solution. Ask your question in natural language and get insights instantly with Search to Insight, our newest Conversational AI feature.Flavia Moser, SAPJuly 10
    BI: Advanced Planning with SAP Analytics CloudSupercharge your plans.  This session will cover the newest capabilities within SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning, and discuss how to best leverage these features to help you maximum your planning deployments.   Learn how to better control access to plans with our new data locking, cover more advanced modelling concepts including the use of inversion formulas, learn how to give selective users the ability to create new master-data in-plan, and much more.Scott Godfree, SAPJuly 12
    BI: What's new in BW/4HANA SP08

    The recent release of SP08 for SAP BW/4HANA delivers a host of new features and innovations. In this webinar we’ll cover the improvements in the area of Data Tiering Optimization (DTO), which helps lowering the TCO of your data lifecycle management. We’ll demonstrate the closer integration with Big Data scenarios, which open the door to new analysis opportunities, and optimized business processes.

    As well, we’ll discuss the conversion options and provide an overview of the innovations on the SAP BW/4HANA roadmap

    Ulrich Christ, SAPJuly 17
    BI: Extend your planning with SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Business Planning and Consolidation StandardLearn how to introduce SAP Analytics Cloud into your SAP Business Planning and Consolidation landscape to reach new audiences, and make your financial planning and analysis operations more modern and flexiblePras Chatterjee, Scott Godfree, SAPJuly 18

    BI: SAP BusinessObjects Universes Connectivity to SAP Analytics Cloud

    SAP BusinessObjects Universes makes it easy to access data using business terms regardless of the underlying data source schemas or vendor. Thousands of SAP customers leveraged Universes to run their BI solutions. SAP Analytics Cloud users can now access on-premise relational Universes without moving data to the cloud thanks to the new Live Universe Connector (LUC). Attend this session to understand the LUC architecture, key workflows and how to leverage this new live connectivity for your hybrid deployments.Gregory Botticchio, SAPJuly 24

    BI: Effective Data Visualization Dos and Don’ts


    Learn the best practices of dashboard design and data visualization in this practical, step-by-step session. The focus is on a common set of dashboard design rules, such as the use of different visualizations, colors, and text, as part of an overall dashboard design process.

    Ingo Hilgefort, SAP

    August 30
    BI: SAP BusinessObjects BI Solutions in a Cloud Environment - The Options AvailableWhile the transition to the cloud is a reality, more and more businesses are looking into options to have their traditional on-premise-hosted SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence solutions hosted on infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solutions. Be guided in the available options for IaaS hosting and the path to move from your local infrastructure to an IaaS solution.

    Neil Goodman, SAP

    Merlijn Ekkel, SAP

    September 4

    BI: ASUG Analysis Influence Council Relaunch

    ASUG members who use or plan to use SAP Analysis Office are invited to join the ASUG BI Community in learning how they can influence the future direction of the software. This is a re-launch of the successful ASUG Analysis Influence Council and because Analysis for Office and the EPM Add-in for Microsoft Office are converging, we also welcome EPM users.

    ASUG Influence Councils provide structured forums where members collaborate with peers and SAP solution managers to solve similar product challenges, share ideas, and influence specific SAP products and services. The participant profile includes both IT and business users. This is a unique ASUG benefit to you to influence SAP on future direction.

    Joyce Butler, SAP Mentor, Nexeo Solutions - ASUG Volunteer

    Alexander Peter, SAP - SAP Point of Contact on ASUG Analysis Influence Council

    September 17

    Flexible conversion possibilities to SAP BW/4HANA


    With the In place – and Remote Conversion we offer our BW customers flexible possibilities to convert their existing BW system to BW/4.

    Marc Bernard, SAP

    September 18
    Dip Your Toe Into SAP Leonardo: Industry Innovation Kits as the Key to the Intelligent EnterpriseIndustry Innovation Kits accelerate solving critical industry problems across 12 lines of business.  Eliminate waste with daily demand forecasting to maximize margin.  Manage the risk of a pay-for-outcome business model with machine learning.  Assess asset health with IoT from afar or gain instant on-site insights to make your live events as seamless as possible.  Explore our portfolio and see how we can collaborate together to dip your toe into what Leonardo has to offer.Thomas Tibbett, SAPSeptember 25
    BI: How to deliver self-service reporting via the Web Intelligence Shared ElementsLearn how the Shared Elements, which are Web Intelligence report parts, can empower your end-users with self-service report creation and easy documents update.Pascal Gaulin, SAPSeptember 26
    SAP Leonardo for Retail: Zero Waste OptionThe SAP Leonardo Industry Innovation Kit for Retail, zero waste option, takes the guesswork out of the equation by leveraging daily demand forecasting with the power of machine learning. The industry innovation kit combines crucial elements by feeding in information about products, marketing campaigns, and external events to predict units that will be sold. It allows you to sell what you shelve, without leaving the shelves empty. You can seamlessly integrate with your current opening routine and assist store associates by showing upcoming demand for their orders. By automating daily instructions on what to butcher, bake, prepare, or stock, you can provide for your customers just what they need, while maintaining your sales at maximum levels.Thomas Tibbett, SAPOctober 9
    SAP Leonardo for CP / LS: Cold Chain LogisticsLife science / CP companies that produce drugs, medication, and blood products are subject to temperature control requirements and must maintain “cold chain” operations throughout their logistics and manufacturing process. These companies must keep within tight temperature limits at every stage of manufacturing – from raw material receipt, storage, and processing to warehousing, packaging, and shipment.Merlijn Ekkel, SAPNovember 6

    BI: What’s New and What's Next in SAP Crystal Reports

    Introduce SAP Crystal Reports recent new features, as well as planned features in coming months.Donald Guo, SAPNovember 7

    Mixed Modeling with SAP BW/4HANA & Native HANA

    Understand the features and functionality available when modeling scenarios in BW/4HANA and Native HANA.Ulrich Christ, SAPNovember 8
    Smart PredictThe role of analytics in business is changing. With increasing data volumes, rising stakeholder expectations, and an accelerating pace of change, data discovery alone is not enough. Learn how the new smart-predict capabilities in the SAP Analytics Cloud solution will enable business analysts to adopt machine learning without advanced data science knowledge, identify trends and patterns in business data rapidly and at great scale, and consume the results of machine learning models.Richard Mooney, SAPNovember 13
    SAP Analytics Cloud Integration with SAP BW: Best PracticesIngo Hilgefort, Eric Yew, SAPNovember 14

    BI: How to Design Web Intelligence Reports that Behave like Real Dashboards

    Learn how the latest features introduced in Web Intelligence 4.2, allow you to create real and live dashboards

    Gregory Botticchio, SAP

    Pascal Gaulin,SAP

    November 15
    BI: SAP Analytics Hub and SAP Hybrid Analytics StrategyThis webinar will give and overview and demonstration of Analytics Hub and how it forms part of an overall hybrid analytics strategy.Adrian Westmoreland, SAPNovember 20
    BI: Overview of Latest BI Features in SAP Cloud Analytics

    Learn about the most innovative BI features recently introduced in BI. In this webinar, we will explain how you can use the new Story & Visualization features and showcase our latest releases in a real- life demo.

    Christina Obry, SAP

    December 11
    BI: SAP Analytics Cloud – Connectivity Deep DiveThis session will cover the various connectivity options available to connect SAP Analytics Cloud to on-premise and Cloud data sources. The session highlight Live connectivity using CORS and setup of SAML SSO to various back end systemsHarjeet Judge, SAPDecember 12
    BI: Roadmap: What is the Future of SAP BOBJ Web Intelligence (BI 4.3)?SAP roadmap on Web Intelligence: what's coming in 4.3.Greogry Botticchio, SAPDecember 13