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    Cyber Week October 2017

    1. DT: The Cloud, Internet of Things, and Critical Infrastructure: It’s Not Too Late for "The Cyber"
    2. DT: Building Trust, Not Walls – SAP’s Security Strategy
    3. DT: Achieving Baseline Security within the SAP Environment
    4. DT: Doing Business in Europe? General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): What You Need to Know and Do
    5. DT: SAP Cloud Security Delivered by SAP Cloud Secure and Trust Center


    Behind the constant drumbeat of news about the latest breach of sensitive consumer or business data is the increasingly difficult problem of what to do about cybersecurity. This is particularly problematic in the SAP market: your SAP data is often some of the most sensitive data in your company, and that data may be used not just by your SAP applications but by others as well. This adds an addition level of complexity and risk to the already difficult problems of cybersecurity, and makes it imperative that SAP customers don’t just think that cybersecurity begins and ends at the SAP firewall.

    While the sensitivity of SAP data is well-known, the scope of the challenge it presents to SAP customers is less well-known. Who’s in charge of cybersecurity is a good starting point: in many companies there is a chief information security officer whose job it is to lock down the IT infrastructure and keep it safe. But many experts believe that there needs to be a broader set of executives and stakeholders involved in order for companies to be truly secure. How does this dynamic play out in the SAP customer space is an important question to understand?

    Similarly, the question of how broadly SAP data is shared across an organization and the impact of that data integration on cybersecurity is also not clear. Do customers running a single instance of SAP have more cybersecurity concerns than customers running heterogenous environments or multi-instance SAP implementations?

    Understanding the scope of the challenge will go a long way towards helping define the best practices for cybersecurity in the SAP customer base.

    Other questions abound? : How well are your employees trained in cybersecurity? When did you company last suffer a data breach? How reliant is your company on SAP for its cybersecurity? How reliant is your company on cybersecurity specialists? What role does the cloud play? These are important issues that need further exploration in the question for cybersecurity.

    At ASUG, we believe that cybersecurity is emerging as the biggest single issue in the technology world today, and, as part of our mission, we want to investigate this problem and provide help and resources to our members about what they can do to secure their systems and keep their data safe. To this end we have just launched a survey as part of our ASUG Cybersecurity Program, and as part of this Program we are rolling out our ASUG Cybersecurity Week of webcasts on October 23rd followed by a Cybersecurity webcast series that will start in early November and runs into early 2018. These webcasts are intended to both provide answers to some of the above questions as well as providing guidance to ASUG on how to best serve its members.

    We’ve tried to keep the survey short and sweet and to the point. Please take a few minutes to answer the survey, and help ASUG and the SAP community better navigate these troubling cybersecurity waters. If you are a SAP customer from outside of North America feel free to participate as well. This survey will close on November 6, 2017.

    Take our cybersecurity survey at www.surveymonkey.com/r/ASUGCyber2017