Cloud and Cloud Culture Webcast Series 2017

Version 1


    Cloud and Cloud Culture Week 2017

    1. DT: Cloud 101 – Start the Journey to Cloud on the Right Track

    2. DT: Busted! 5 Myths About Cloud Technology Debunked

    3. DT: Demystify the Cloud and Innovate on Demand — Accelerating Your Digital Transformation with SAP Cloud Platform

    4. DT: Reimagine - SAP Innovation at Speed without Constraints with Amazon Web Services

    5. DT: Moving to the Cloud: The Change Management Challenge


    Thrive in a Multi-Platform, Multi-Cloud, Heterogeneous World

    Like many SAP customers, your company’s cloud investments are probably piling up fast and furious.

    It’s just as likely there are non-SAP cloud products in the mix. As well as on-premise systems from SAP and non-SAP vendors.

    This complex, hybrid infrastructure is your new reality. How should you move forward in a safe and successful manner?



    ASUG will be presenting a series of webcasts, blog posts, and reports intended to help you do just that.