ASUG BI 2017 Survey Results - Early Review

Version 1


    The ASUG BI Community thanks you for completing the survey.  We continue to reach out to our ASUG Members to better understand where ASUG can help and how we are doing in delivery to your educational, networking and SAP influence requirement.  In this latest survey we asked for your feedback on 2017 and what we needed to strive for in 2018.  This year we created new survey questions.


    Q: Which tools are you currently using?


    You can see from the above that Web Intelligence is the top client used.  It will be featured at the February BI+Analytics Conference - be sure to check out the agenda.

    Text analysis for the Other (please specify) category shows this:



    Q: Rank topics of interest


    The BI clients are the top topic of interest, with BI platform a close second.


    We heard you early about BI Platform and have the following webcasts scheduled next month:


    For the BI clients, we have the SAP product managers presenting next month about Crystal Reports:\

    Jan 18 Crystal Reports 2016 to Crystal Reports for Enterprise Migration


    Q: What are your company's plans for the next 6-12 months?



    It's a tie!  Upgrading to Lumira 2.x and BI4.2


    To help you, the following are planned next year:


    For BI4.2:


    Upgrading to BW/4HANA:

    Jan 16 - Simplifying your upgrade and consolidation to BW/4HANA


    Text analysis for "Other" response is as follows:




    Q: Where do you go to obtain your information?



    You can see that most respondents go to the SAP Community for information.

    The "other" text analysis shows this:



    Q: What other topics would be of interest to you for Webcasts and Conferences?

    Responses were wide-ranging, and the text analysis shows 13 words and phrases:



    For sure the BI+Analytics Conference in February will cover many of the topics above and so will ASUG Annual Conference in June.


    Q: Do you participate in ASUG Influence Councils?



    ASUG has several influence councils, covering EDW, BI platform, Lumira, Analysis Office, Web Intelligence, Mobile BI and more.


    Q: Do you have plans to move BI into the Cloud?


    In the responses, some said they have already moved to the cloud.


    I want thank everyone for taking the survey - this helps plan for 2018. 



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