No Data Left Behind: How to access legacy data when implementing S/4HANA

Version 1

    Hosted by Dolphin

    The move to S/4HANA presents companies with an incredible opportunity to modernize SAP systems and move beyond the limitations of legacy data and systems. But as part of this move, companies must consider how they will retain all of the valuable data and documents that they need for reporting and compliance purposes.

    In this session, learn how it is possible to consolidate legacy data and documents in a single, cost effective archive repository so users have seamless access to this information directly from S/4HANA. With the right information strategy in place, companies can move quickly on to S/4HANA, reduce the cost and complexity of their SAP landscape by decommissioning legacy systems, and enable users to access legacy data and documents when they need them.


    Rob Jackson,Senior Consultant, Dolphin