SAP Data Hub Overview Webcast Replay, Question & Answer

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    Learn more about SAP Data Hub and its use cases, key features, and architecture in this informative session that includes several demos. SAP Data Hub is a data sharing and orchestration solution that helps companies accelerate and expand the flow of data across the modern, diverse data landscape. SAP Data Hub provides unprecedented data access and governance; creates powerful, organization-spanning data flows; and quickly delivers results by leveraging existing data-processing investments.


    Marc Hartz,Lead Product Manager, SAP-Big Data Portfolio

    Marc Hartz is a Lead Product Manager for SAPs Big Data Portfolio. He was
    a Data Warehousing Consultant and Product Manager for 10+ years and is
    now fostering a proper Big Data adoption in the Enterprise landscape.


    Question and Answer


    Q: Does Data Hub development happen directly off the production landscape or does development happen from dev and transported to QA and then PRD? Or is it both?


    A: Both is possible; curious to see what customers will do




    Q: How is Data Orchestration more than just a jobs scheduling software like Control-M and Redwood software?


    A: It is key to an end to end scenario; could use job scheduler, python script, to build what Data Hub is doing; looking to better integrate an end to end flow




    Q: What are the system pre-requisites to enable "landscape discovery"?


    A: deploying a small piece of software; similar approach to SDI - an agent that is installed in system or database like HANA it is done natively




    Q: Can a Data Scientist use the Data Hub's Distributed Processing with R and Python?


    A: yes; data scientist produce algorithms




    Q: Can Data Hub jobs be prioritized so that critical processes can take priority ones?


    A: not yet




    Q: From the demo, we see that we could do ML within Data Hub. In what ML scnarios we have to use TensorFlow/SAP Leonardo Vs within SAP Data Hub.


    A: Data Hub is part of Leonardo; everything that comes with Leonardo is a wrapper; there are API's with ML services deployed via Data Hub




    Q: Can I do all the work that is done in BO Data Services on Data Hub?


    A: No, not everything, but there is an overlap; not replace Data Services




    Q: Is there a future roadmap to merge SAP VORA with SAP Data Hub?


    A: technically embracing Vora in Data Hub; still standalone Vora use cases; embraced; Vora is part of Data Hub




    Q: Does SAP Data Hub fall in the Leonardo Portfolio, specifically with the IoT data use case?


    A: Data Hub is part of the reference IoT architecture; ingestion pipeline



    Marc's answers from questions that we could not get to:


    Using SAP Data Hub can I extract data from Kafka and Flume into SAP BW?

    - SAP Data Hub can listen to messaging queues and trigger processes in SAP BW to load Data.

    - This is one of the core supported use cases.



    Are there any know performance issues with huge volume of data?

    - The engine of SAP Data Hub is built to process and refine Big Data and use to make use of cluster environment



    SAP really needs to explain how Data Hub differentiates between Data Services and Information Steward. Will there be a presentation that will do this?

    - Yes we will expand that and provide more examples on that



    How does it differs from Hadoop Ecosystem ??

    - Many tools of the open Source / Hadoop Ecosystem are focusing on specific problems and use cases.

    - SAP Data Hub focuses on these problems with a tight integration into business processes and applications.

    - It automates processes across Hadoop and business applications





    where can we find the documentation for connecting various systems to Data hub?

    - Should be published in the official documentation, other than that we are going to build a community to publish best practices and examples





    Is there a specific skill level that is required to use SAP data hub. Can we open the hub to business users?

    - The modeling and administration of SAP Data Hub is built towards technical users

    - However there will be self-service interfaces to prepare and refine the data  on the landscape.



    Are there plans to integrate with third party tools like Alation

    - Yes, there are interfaces and RestAPIs to do so.



    How do we map the data in Data hub?

    - SAP Data Hub will offer a data catalog to execute landscape wide schema mapping

    - At the moment this is done during the modeling of processes in future we will add a rich meta data governance and catalog.