Speeding Up Your SAP Roll Out, Without Getting Caught in Data Risks

Version 2

    Speeding Up Your SAP Roll Out, Without Getting Caught in Data Risks - The automotive industry is in the middle of a worldwide overhaul led by recent product innovations, transformative government legislation as well as by an agile manufacturing process based on templates and platforms. Most automotive companies using SAP for their operational excellence, are on the constant move to keep up all the above transformations happening in their company. Now, the IT departments have to play catch with Business and Production on the agile and lean agenda. This has resulted in a rush of data conversion activities to be completed in the SAP environment, urgently. However, data teams are tasked with converting a variety of ERP and Manufacturing application data into their core SAP application, though they lack modern tools and approaches. The mandate of rapid completion, predictable results and data integrity is too rough on the existing teams, tools and practices. This presentation will share a clear and executable road map, complete with turn-by-turn directions for avoiding inconsistent data potholes, test cycle detours and cut-over breakdowns. The case study of Cooper Standard’s roll-out will be shared as an example of leveraging automotive-specific data conversion templates to enable an agile execution process, leading to project cost reduction and automation with predictable data quality results. - Soma Venkat, Cooper Standard