Idea Place Product Sessions migration Nov 2 2017 - ASUG Webcast Replay Q&A

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    Hosted by: Reporting SIG of the Business Intelligence Community

    Recording Here: Idea Place Product Session Migration and the New Customer Influence Continuous Influencing Process

    By mid September, SAP Idea Place Product Idea Sessions will evolve and migrate into the new Continuous Influencing Process on the Customer Influence site. The Customer Influence site will provide you with a single channel to submit improvement requests and influence SAP products. Come to this session to find out more about the Idea Place Product Session migration, the new Continuous Influencing Process and a demo of the new site.


    Kuhan Milroy, Senior Director of Social Business Innovation, SAP


    Question and Answer


    Q: What is the link for Call for Speakers for ASUG Annual Conference?


    A: Please see this blog:




    Q: Where are the slides posted?


    A: slides are posted at - please log on to




    Q: Where is the continuous influence link for SAP Lumira? See - it is not listed by SAP


    A: closed for this time; review how going forward. not in maintenance mode




    Q: So we can email for a customer connection? Maybe for Crystal?


    A: Submit ideas for Crystal - contact




    Q: Under the old site I could get a weekly digest of suggestions under Customer Connection - how do can I obtain that on the new site?


    A: you can follow a session - no digest




    Q: How do you find out about webinars for continous influence?


    A: will show in demo - milestones




    Q: I see Volunteers for the ideas - what is SAP expecting from that?


    A: ignore that




    Q: Is there a way to turn off the "Contact Us" popup? It always appears


    A: as soon as you navigate off




    Q: In fashion the majority of our customers are global brands and want to pool their influence. Is it possible for a customer in a user group in say, EMEA to add their influence to our AFF SIG ASUG topics and vice versa?


    A: Not sure; will collect more details; contact SIG




    Q: I thought feedback was at Is that the same?


    A: yes