What's new in SAP BI Mobile and Roadmap Webcast Q&A

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    Hosted by:Reporting SIG

    Roadmap session with demo of the main innovations.

    Recording is: What's new in SAP BI Mobile and Roadmap


    Vivek Das, SAP

    Vivek Das is a Product Manager at SAP and has over 9 years of experience in the IT industry.

    He currently works in SAP Analytics and is responsible for product evangelizing, roadmap preparation and marketing the SAP Analytics portfolio in the APJ region.

    Prior to joining SAP, he has held various roles in the IT industry like Business development, software development and quality. He is a Scrum Certified Product Owner and has extensive experience in the mobile domain.


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    Question and Answer

    Follow ups -

    1. how to download SAP Mobile BI SDK:

    Software Downloads

    > Installation and Upgrades > A-Z Alphabetical list of my Products > M > SAP Mobile Solutions > SAP Business Objects Mobile on IOS Software Development Kit > MOB SBOP IOS SDK


    2. Recording of 6.7 demo is here SAP BI Mobile 6.7_early preview Recording  (logon to ASUG.com)

    Q: What is the survey link again?


    A: Link to take the ASUG 2018 survey is at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ASUG_BI




    Q: Where can I download the slides?


    A: slides are posted at  https://discuss.asug.com/docs/DOC-48558 - logon at asug.com first




    Q: Where can I register for upcoming webcasts?


    A: Register for upcoming webcasts at https://discuss.asug.com/docs/DOC-40413




    Q: Once Mobile BI app is customized using SDK, how to keep upgrading this custmoized app with newer versions of SAP BI mobile (Ex: 6.6)?


    A: With every release, recompile application




    Q: At what level can we control the view mode: system level, file type (discover/designer) or document level ?


    A: at system level; also at document level.




    Q: Is pinch and zoom gesture enabled for various chart components or we need to double tap to open in new window?


    A: When explore you double tap, once in visualization you can pinch and zoom




    Q: for WebI Geo Charts, is ESRI supported or Google?


    A: ESRI is supported




    Q:: For cloud connectivity - Is SAP Analytics cloud mobile better or SAP BO Mobile? or Any limitations while connecting SAP BO mobile with cloud?


    A: Analytics Cloud you need to use Analytics Cloud on mobile app store; SAP BusinessObjects Mobile is for BI platform content..




    Q: If lumira Discovery is a self-service reporting tool...why are not all the charts supported in 6.6 mobile native? End users do not care on what charts are supported. When will the gap be closed between what you build in lumira and what gets displayed? HTML not an option no user like a bit of lag(in our tests this is a long lag)


    A: Today Lumira has been there for 2-3 years; has several charts - these chart types go native, explore drill, - native experience is a big task - building for it - support 15 charts; analyze customer reports




    Q: when will 6.7 be released


    A: Looking at December 2017 or January 2018 (Tentatively)