SAP Cloud Platform Predictive Services Webcast Replay + Question & Answer

Version 1

    Replay is here

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    Where are the slides posted?


    slides are posted at - logon to first




    please post survey link



    How does this tie into machine learning? Or does it?


    Predictive services are based on same algorithms. However, these services are now available on SAP CP and empowering developers to use the predictive technology into their applications




    Is it possible to request a trial version to test?


    yes, you can request trail version on SAP Cloud Platform




    What types of skills are required/needed for this? Programming?


    key skills is to know how to use REST API and the application development




    where do we request the trial version?



    Is this what you use to embed in S/4HANA? Will SAP provide templates?


    There 2 versions. One PAI Rest and PAI for Netweaver. Both or same concepts. S/4 Hana uses PAI for Netweaver




    Are there customers using this today?


    Mostly used internally