Overall SAP Analytics strategy and direction Q&A

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    Q: What is the link to the survey?


    A: Hot topics survey for 2018 is https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ASUG_BI - certain responses will receive prizes! Help us plan for 2018




    Q: Where are the slides posted?


    A: Slides are posted on ASUG.com - go to https://discuss.asug.com/docs/DOC-48562 - logon to ASUG.com first





    Q: IS SAP Analytics Cloud a separate purchase if we already have Successfactors modules?


    A: It is separate from SuccessFactors - you can go to sapanalytics.cloud for more information




    Q: How does BOBJ on-prem fit into this strategy?


    A: You can access your universes with SAP Analytics Cloud




    Q: Can SAP IT Operation Analytics generate Heatmaps at different layers (Application, technology,...)?



    Q: it appears that some of many features that are availabe now on SAC is coming on Lumira only in 2018. Lumira 2.0 has many features missng when compared to SAC or competitors like Tabeau. As a customer I feel that on premise products innovation is really slow.


    A: SAP core value "innovate in cloud" and lead the core - went through a lot of time trying to rewrite code Lumira 1.31 to Lumira 2.0 - redesigned product. First goal with initial release - 2.1 will see improvements - December this year, going forward to innovate - not disagreeing with question, but consolidate Lumira 2.0




    Q: There is a Predictive analytics/machine learning component within SAP Leonardo. Can you explain what's the difference between this and SAP predictive analytics


    A: Predictive Analytics is on-prem solution for statistical predictive models; with Leonardo has machine learning capabilities - creating models, training models yourself - cloud soltuion




    Q: Where does Data Hub fit in the analytics strategy?


    A: It brings in the analytics into one place




    Q: S/4HANA and hybrid (BOBJ %2B SAP Analytics Cloud), is it a good environment for enterprise analytics requirements? What is pros/cons to include BW4HANA to this environment?


    A: S/4HANA and Analytics Cloud are cloud native - good for enterprise analytics; BW/4HANA is also cloud ready




    Q: why don't SAP align the BI On premise with the BI Could so customers who have on site investments can use the could features on premise


    A: Strategy decision