An exciting new future for SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Q&A

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    Hosted by: Reporting SIG

    Roadmap session with demo of the main innovations such as : Commentary + Shared Elements + new VIZ capabilities + new WebI Interactive Viewer, etc.A specific importance will be given to non SAP data sources.


    Gregory Botticchio, SAP


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    Question & Answer



    What's the survey link again?


    the link is - please tell ASUG what you want to hear about in 2018




    Link to upcoming webcasts?


    Link is




    Do you have best practice document for connecting Webi to BW BEX/Infoproviders and HANA Calc Views?


    This is a presentation from ASUG Annual Conference - - is this what you are looking for?




    Can the Custom SQL feature be used with any data source?


    Yes, with any relational connection




    can we have a text file as a source to values in webi prompts?






    Can webi connec to BW/HANA uing HTTP INA connection?I heard this is the best way to connect to BW/HANA


    Yes. Starting 4.2 SP05, we will propose limited access to this feature for some customers... we plan to make it GA starting 4.2 SP06.




    When a shared element is used in a new report, does it also include the query that is needed for that element (if it's a table/chart, for example)?


    yes. the Shared Element contains, Query definition objects variablkes (if used) type (Table or viz) all the formatting. The SE doesn't contain the data.




    What happen when the shared elements come from different data sources? Do we have to manually configure the Merged Dimension or it will be generated automatically?


    No, nothing to do. If the SE is based on several data providers, this is transparent for the end user importing it.




    What happens to comments if a measure is removed fro the webi document? can we export the comments out?


    Yes. 1/ the comment is contextual. If the measure disaspear or the context change, it won't appear ... 2/ yu can query your commentary database.




    What is the best way to connect to SAP BW from Webi?


    "WebI BEx Direct Access" or "BEx Authored universe" (4.2 SP02) depending of your use case




    after 10 years there is stll catchup to do with DESKI


    after 10 years, we stil have customers using Deski in production ... such a great tool ;-) !