SAP Business One Database Platform Choices Microsoft SQL Server or SAP HANA - A User's Perspective (webcast recording)

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    Note: There are no slides for this webcast, so we have embedded the webcast recording below. You can also access the webcast here: RECORDING LINK.


    In a recent two part blog post, Richard Duffy shared his view on where each solution for a good fit for SAP Business One deployments.

    In this session, Richard will take you into the details and will open up each product to give you a hahngs on perspective of the choices and explain with examples why each platform is a good fit. At the end of the session you'll be able to explain the main dierences along with concrete business scenarios where each one is "the best fit."


    Richard Duffy, Community Evangelist and Subject Matter Expert, ASUG


    Find Richard's blog posts on HANA vs Microsoft SQL here: