Collaboration:  Why HR Digital Transformation is Not Complete Without It

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    Collaboration:  Why HR Digital Transformation is Not Complete Without It - A valuable attribute of a high-performing organization is its ability to share insights, engage in thought-provoking conversation, and act in the moment of opportunity and risk. When people work across different departments, locations, and time zones, information flowing throughout the enterprise becomes a critical enabler of those capabilities – transcending organizational structure, decision support, and meaningful employee engagement. Although their objectives are distinct, both organizations are likely adopting similar technologies, habits, and cultures to get the job done while communicating with the same audience. By implementing a standard application and collaboration platform, both lines of business can provide the information employees need without the creation of confusion, siloed information, and incomplete visibility and insight. In this session you will learn how a central platform for social collaboration can turn these communication challenges into opportunities by increasing the one thing both HR and IT, as well as the rest of the company, need: employees who have the right information at the right time. This session will provide several customer examples of how collaboration has been part of HR transformation projects, tips for transforming behavior to create a collaborative mind-set, how to use collaboration to help with a payroll or other software implementation, as well as advice for introducing collaboration into HR processes. - Ginger Gatling, SAP