Enabling Self-Service BI with SAP Lumira

Version 1

    Enabling Self-Service BI with SAP Lumira - Explore the functionalities in SAP Lumira to simplify your data and enable the creation of interactive visualizations. Learn the best practices for executing self-service BI and how to empower business users to perform analytics with less IT dependence. We will also evaluate its performance in an enterprise BI market compared to other popular tools.

    During this two-hour session, we will explain how to leverage SAP Lumira to:

    • Import data from Excel and other sources like SAP HANA, SAP Business Warehouse, and SQL to perform data modeling and enrichment.
    • Perform visual analysis using simple drag-drop functionality to build intuitive storyboards in Discovery.
    • Utilize the interoperability features to build professionally authored dashboards in Designer.
    • Cover new features and enhancements in SAP Lumira 2.x for easier adoption.
    • Learn valuable tips and tricks that will save you time and effort.

    - Varun Anand, Visual BI