Automation: Bridging the Process Chasm in Hybrid Cloud Landscapes

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    Hosted by Redwood Software

    In the distant future, it’s entirely possible that many (or even most!) companies will run their entire business from cloud-based infrastructure. Until then, the Hybrid Cloud approach serves as a transitional model: allowing companies to take advantage of cloud benefits where it makes sense, while continuing to operate a traditionally-secured on-premise environment. This hybrid landscape, however, creates a ‘process chasm’ between applications behind your firewall and those hosted in one or more cloud datacenters. Join this session to learn how Redwood can help bridge that gap—providing automation, governance, and monitoring for the management of cross-system and cross-datacenter process execution.

    Matt Colabrese, Manager of Solutions Engineering, will be sharing industry best practices and important automation use cases. We look forward to having you join for what promises to be a very insightful session!


    Matt Colabrese, Director of Solutions Architecture, Redwood Software