SAP Lumira 2.0 Discovery for Business Users Q&A

Version 1

    Recording is here

    Hosted by: Analytics SIG of the Business Intelligence Community

    Overview of Lumira 2.0, followed by a detailed feature preview of Discovery targeted for Business users.


    Ramu Gowda Timma, Senior Product Manager, SAP

    Ashutosh Rastogi, Product Manager, Analytics,SAP

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    I am having problems connecting Lumira 2.0 to my HANA db on SCP.  Are there any specific requisites to enable this?  I assume i do not need to have SAP Cloud Connector on each desktop with Lumira 2.0?Lumira 2.0 uses HTTP/INA based connectivity to HANA. You need to have relevant permissions assigned to Hana User for using INA. Refer
    Can you connect Lumira dashboard directly to Oracle and Netezza databases, or has to be via Universe?You need to start with Discovery and connect to these sources. And then save the document. Now open this document in designer and create your dashboard on top of it.
    We have licenses for Design Studio. Does this means this will cover Lumira 2.0 as well or a separate license will be required?You would be entitled for SAP Lumira 2.0 designer and SAP Lumira 2.0 server, however not for SAP Lumira 2.0 discovery


    Also, you can refer this blog for more details
    Where can I access the slides?slides are posted on at - please logon to first
    Can you please explain licensing for Lumira Discovery and Lumira Designer. In particular if customer has a license for Design Studio 1.6 in order to user Discovery component of Lumira 2.0 is it needed to purchase additional licenses?Please refer this blog
    What are the improvements in terms of data manipulation compared to previous versions?Data prepration and manipulation capabilities remains almost same as they were in 1.31
    Is it possible to use the output of latest daily scheduled historical instance from WEBi as a data source for LUMIRA dashboard? Or we need to schedule WEBI with destination to file location as Excel and then use the latest file as source?Lumira today does not have Webi as a Source option for Analysis. We have this as one of the backlog items for 2018
    Can you do all of this through the browser in Lumira Add-on to BOE, or is all of this being demonstrated only functionality in the desktop application?Except Data acquisition and prepration, all other functionalities are available in browser via BI launchpad as well. Only exception is HANA live where you can acquire from Browser.
    do you need license for the geomap?ESRI base maps are available free for users with SAP Lumira 2.0
    For the map component, in each version will we be able to connect to an on-premise WMS 1.1 map server (instead of default ESRI ArcGIS)?I don't think this would be possible. SAP Lumira 2.0 supports only ESRI or offline Maps. You can definitely use Visualization extensions to integrate maps of your choice.
    can you customize the size of points in the geomap?size of points in map can be based on measure. The product does not have static sizing option
    Do we know if/when data acquisition and preparation will be available through the web app in Launchpad with the BOE Add-on?This is in SAP Lumira backlog for 2018, acquisition and prepration is not available today in lumira server. Only exception is HANA live acquisition which is possible.
    Can we use the excel output at UNC location that updates daily as output from WEBI? The output file name will be the constantYes, that would work
    Is Lumira 2.0 a desktop client only; or will there be a server version available from the BI LaunchPad?He is showing Desktop; there is an add-on to the BI platform to view/interact with the stories
    Launch SAP Lumira 2.0, SAP HANA Import, Enter URL :, system 00, username passwordImport connectivity is still based on JDBC, only live connectivity is via INA
    How easy to upgrade existing Lumira 1.3 files to Lumira 2.0You can set a flag to migrate from 1.31.8
    Can we create multiple level geo hierarchy in Lumira 2.0 when connected to Live data as currently in Lumira 1.X there is a limitation of having just one level geo hierarchy.Yes, that limitation exists with SAP Lumira 2.0, we plan to address that with future releases
    Is it possible to export to Excel?Yes, you can export both aggregated or un-aggregated data behind the visualization to an xls or csv
    Can you add dynamic text?You can combine KPI along with text elements to achieve the desired output in Lumira 2.0 discovery
    When will Design mode be available via BI LaunchPad, without the need for the desktop?Design mode is available with SAP Lumira server via BI Launchpad. However, only acquisition and data prepration isn't possible today. This is in backlog for 2018
    Can we use the excel output at UNC location that updates daily as output from WEBI? The output file name will be the constantYes, this would work
    Can you export the story?yes, you can export that to a PDF
    I have not been able to find any reference to dynamic text in KPI chart; do you know where can I find it?You create numbers via KPI. And use text elements available in design section of the left panel and overlap your KPIs on text objects
    Lumia 2.0 to SCP - I have the JDBC drivers and have the rights for live connectivity - i still have same problem - unable to connect.  HANA studio also installed on same machine and no problem with thatI would suggest you report an SAP Incident in this case, this would require a closer look to identify the cause
    How many row limits is the data set?SAP Lumira does not put any limits on data set that can be pulled in. It depends on the RAM and system resources available. We do have a limit of number of aggregated data points that can be displayed in viz i.e. 10000.
    Can we upload Lumira to BI server, and schedule dashboard to multiple PDF outputs based on filter’s value? Similar to Publication from WEBISchedule is supported for SAP Lumira documents based on BI managed connections. However, publication is not yet supported.
    When is the webcast for Lumira Designer?It is next week, September 19 - register here.
    Is it planned to provide guidelines and snap/align functionality for proper positioning elements in a story?Yes, this is a high priority
    Will this a link to this presentation be available so we can review it again later?slides are posted here - link to recording will be here too
    It takes a long time to start up lumia 20 client, any advice?have a look at sizing the product
    How often will feature updates be made available?plan deliver minor version twice a year 2.1 Q4, 2.2 Q2 2018
    Can the Lumira server add on be added to our existing physical BI Server, or do we need to get another physical server for the Lumira server add-on? What if we are just live connecting to BW data, will we need another physical Lumira server for this?add-on can be on same server as BI platform - no technical restriction; add a node due to in memory engine
    Is there any functionality to set alerts to be emailed when a KPI tile is outside of range?Do not have this today...
    Are there any known bugs or issues with memory consumption with Designer desktop?  I've seen it increase dramatically and become unresponsive from time to time.Hi - please ask this question at next week's webcast - these are the product managers for Discovery - next week is Designer.  Register at
    Will it be possible to save Lumira documents also on Netviewer (as it was case with Design Studio)?Lumira 2.0 - the only supported platform is the BI platform
    Need capability to change data source.  Change from local Excel to Excel on BI Platform.  Change from UNX1 to UNX2.Take that as feedback
    for the preference settings, what are SAPs recommendation for a environment with BW on HANA in hec, we want SSO live BW data via OLAP connection from BI platformDo support SSO to BW in multiple ways (SNC) and on BI platform support STS as long as ports are open

    I didt find users guide with that informationUser guide has details for SSO, not specifically on HEC but that can be a note
    Can you explain the difference between BW live data and import data from BW?Live - all calculations are delegated to underlying BW server, not on the client.  Importing from BW - execute the query on BW system, load data set into velocity engine.
    Is it  possible to import custom JSON Shape files in Lumira 2.0.?do not have this out of the box - have an extension for this
    I think in the demo you connected to a BEx query?  Is it possible to connect to a pre built universe query too?You can connect via SAP Universe Query panel way. No live connectivity for Universe
    Can you share the link to the updated sizing guide?This home page has all the relevant links
    What data manipulation fatures are valuable with wht connection types?(Bw LIve,Bw Offline, hanaLive offline)....Live won't have data manipulation.  Offline has data prep/enrichment
    will SAP lumira designer also use the velocity engine?Yes, if you want to create dashboards in designer based on imported sources in discovery.
    how many maximum data sources can use in one story ?no limits
    lumira desktop preference settings, do we have users guide for 2.0?Have you reviewed the SAP Help?
    Is it possible to pull data from different Hana Views in the same document when using live connectionWhen using Li