Mobile BI Strategy and Options for SAP Customers ASUG Webcast Q&A

Version 1

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    Hosted by: Reporting SIG of the Business Intelligence Community

    Learn about the latest Mobile BI options and strategies available to SAP customers. Agenda includes the following topics:

    1. Mobile BI introduction and trends
    2. SAP Mobile BI Portfolio
    3. SAP BusinessObjects Mobile and Clients
    4. SAP RoamBI
    5. SAP Analytics Cloud
    6. SAP Fiori App/UI5 Mobile
    7. Other Topics

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    Is SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office Excel supports Universe as data source? If not what is alternative?Today Analysis Office does not support Universe as data source. You can use Live Office for this.
    I SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office Excel  mobile supported?If you want to mobilize Analysis Office you can use Smart Copy to Design Studio and then use Mobile BI
    What is the successor to BusinessObjects Explorer on the iPhone? in progress
    Can you revisit Odata services ?Can consume a BEx query over OData services; there are customers that want to use data in S4 and not use BusienssObjects - can expose through OData and create a UI5 app; custom development
    What about overall Android support with SAP Mobile BI?  SAP seems to support less and lessSAP has it in the roadmap
    Does SAP have training videos for design studio/Lumira 2.0?Not yet; early knowledge transfer training is available at Learning Hub