Meet Customer Speakers for BI+Analytics Conference

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    Derek Loranca and Cofer Jennifer were speakers in last week's ASUG Webcast, "Meet the Customer Speakers for BI+Analytics Conference

    You can watch a replay here.



    Source: ASUG


    kyle tate , Eventful Producer, said there are "35 customer organizations presenting sessions at this conference.



    He asked Jennifer what is she excited for at the conference.

    Jen replied that she was excited for the first keynote - NHL discussing analytics

    They've had 100 years of paper-based analytics, moved to analytics platform


    She works in healthcare; several healthcare sessions are at this conference.


    What are the highlights of the conference?

    Derek said there is a good number of Web Intelligence sessions



    What can people expect from your session?

    Derek: work leaner and meaner

    How do self service

    How  todo evangelization with a smaller team and how it is applicable to power users

    "You are your own center of excellence"



    Jen also explained the value is networking; circle is widened





    What can people expect from Jen's session?

    New charting engine inside Web Intelligence 4.2

    Met with product team at conference last year

    New KPI tiles for Web Intelligence, how to do butterfly charts

    How the new chart engine is working

    Not a replacement for existing tools

    Jen recommended Ingo Hilgefort's s - using the right tool for the job


    Derek also said it is a "family reunion of BI nerds"



    Kyle said they researched the hot topics


    See you next month in Nashville - Conference site: