Q&A from Disruption Ahead: The Big Trends in Business Intelligence and Analytics Webcast

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    This was a webcast yesterday given by SAP's Timo Elliott

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    You can watch the replay here and Timo's slides are on his site here


    Question & Answer

    Q: What about the "BI modal IT"? Does on-premise BI have a place?

    A: On premise BI will have a place; not about either-or - BI modal refers to 2 types of innovation - incremental (type 1, infrastructure) - mode 2 - iterative, agile



    Q: Where to start with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning?

    A: Predictive Analytics products today are mature; works great; find a repeatable decision - machine learning



    Q: What happened to big data/Hadoop being a trend/disruption? Past the hype cycle?

    A: another version of presentation; see data side of things on his slideshare account - made investments in supporting Hadoop, Spark and HANA - seamless big data services storage



    Q: Is Natural Language Generation a BI trend?

    A: Look at SAP's Co-pilot



    Q: I would like to have this presentation. Will it be stored in some place or sent by email?

    A: Slides are posted on Timo's site at http://timoelliott.com/blog/2017/07/bi-analytics-conference-webinar-on-top-trends.html



    Q: Is embedded analytics an old trend; nothing new? Not a disruption?

    A: Fiori, new personas, SAP processes, S/4HANA in memory



    Q: But today co-pilot doesn't do voice like Siri or Alexa, right?

    A: correct today it is a chatbot



    Q: Why do you have so many similar products for BI? (Lumira, BO, Roambi, WebI, etc..)

    A: Go to the BI Analytics conference - http://biaconference.com/ - have a when to use which tool