WFA Potluck Forum Notes 6/29/2017

Version 1

    ASUG Meeting Notes – 6/29/2017 Meeting

    Host:  Katie Gerson (Allstate Ins.)


    Ideas Discussion notes:


    SAP notes

    Team decision/next steps

    User experience – multiple filtering

    SAP to confirm if possible – we clarified that this is for the main WFA platform and filters, not QW/Investigate

    Wait for SAP’s response

    Scheduling and Distribution

    See google sheet

    Evan was not on the call – unsure of if should vote. Mei to help clean up the idea based on SAP comments.

    Security-by measures

    SAP said this is not possible

    Will not vote on it - remove


    SAP confirmed this can be applied to Investigate as well

    Keep to vote on

    ORD – performance & graphics

    Many projects to improve RD performance and future releases planned. Regarding ‘graphical’ enhancements – future release of SAP Analytics Cloud will help with this but not in the immediate time.

    Remove since this is already planned for improvement

    QW – real-time group filter instead of making custom members

    Recommend adding as idea and voting

    Keep to vote on

    User experience-default to actual not annualize

    SAP to follow-up if possible and confirm

    Wait for SAP’s response

    RD-build capability

    SAP will get back to us on this one

    Wait for SAP’s response

    User experience-search measures in main analytics tab menu

    SAP to check if possible; not sure if Investigate is planned to also takeover main WFA home page section but definitely QW

    Wait for SAP’s response


    • Eight total ranked ideas left to vote on, with three pending SAP’s confirmation and 1 pending our clarification.


    • Next Steps:
      • Consider if we want to add 2 or more other ideas next on the dock since two were removed b/c SAP confirmed either not possible or already planned. Here are the next top two:
        • § User Experience – structural dimension searchable
        • § QW/Investigate – explain button option for custom measures
        • SAP to review google sheet and follow-up on three remaining items:
          • § User experience – default to actual not annualized for entire WFA system
          • § RD-build capability
          • § User experience – search measures in main analytics tab menu (not talking about Investigate)
        • Katie to clean up google sheet with notes and remove items confirmed.
        • Team to wait for SAP to follow-up on specific ideas we clarified

      Once final input from SAP, team to decide on t