More ASUG Influence Channels

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    ASUG Influence is a key contributor  to the various SAP influence programs. Your feedback and ideas are crucial to these programs. Explore all the opportunities to work with SAP and influence innovations throughout the SAP solution life cycle.


    SAP Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI)

    The SAP Customer Engagement Initiative gives customers and partners early insights into new SAP product developments. Afterwards, product managers will ask for the participants’ honest assessment, input, and ideas.


    SAP Beta Testing

    SAP Beta Testing is designed for customers who are interested in testing and experiencing our upcoming, soon-to-be-released products. Working closely with the SAP team, participants review the software, conduct beta tests and provide feedback for future releases.


    SAP Early Adopter Care (EAC)

    Customers who are adopt new SAP software with the SAP Early Adopter Care program work with a dedicated team of experts to ensure a successful implementation.


    SAP Customer Connection (CC)

    SAP Customer Connection enables customers to incrementally improve the on-premise products and solutions in maintenance they are using today. Typically initiated by SAP User Groups and special interest groups, the program's focus topics are of limited duration and often focus on a version, component, or audience of a product. Improvements are mostly delivered in SAP Notes or the SAP Support Portal for easier consumption. Delivered improvements in the SAP Improvement Finder.


    SAP Continuous Influence (CIS)

    SAP Continuous Influence provides customers with the opportunity to suggest improvements on SAP products directly to the development teams. Formerly offered through SAP Idea Place, this program is specifically aimed towards customers using newer SAP products and cloud solutions that require an open channel for the continuous collection of improvement requests and resolutions.


    A summary of the current Influence Opportunities and results is  published monthly here.  Be sure to check it out!


    The SAP Customer Influence site is the central hub for your software influence and beta testing opportunities. Projects are grouped by line of business, industry, or product category. The activities within the projects range from short to long-term – and include idea submission, beta test participation, customer collaboration, and more. To get involved and get alerts 

    • Register to participate in SAP's influence site. First-time user logon information can be found here.  Be sure to select ASUG as your User Group. 
    • Sign up to receive notifications about the latest opportunities.   Access the quick guide to get connected.


    If you have questions or need support, please contact SAP America influence