More ASUG Influence Channels

Version 15

    ASUG Influence is a channel to SAP influence programs. Your feedback and ideas are crucial to these programs. Explore all the opportunities to work with SAP and influence innovations throughout the SAP solution life cycle.


    Customer Connection (CC):

    Work with peers to define and prioritize smaller improvement requests that can be rolled out via SAP Notes. See what fellow members have said about participating in SAP Customer Connection.

    Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI):

    The CEI channels insight into business challenges to SAP, and helps to define and shape the functionality of future solutions.


    Early Adopter Care (EAC):

    Get involved at an early stage by influencing innovations of SAP’s planned products and solutions.



    You can also work closely with SAP development teams to provide feedback on product functionality, usability, and quality before the release-to-customer (RTC) date.

    Weigh In


    Explore Influence Opportunities and see results:


    1. Register to participate in SAP's influence program.

    2. Be sure to select ASUG as your User Group.

    3. Receive updates on projects relevant to you by clicking My Influence and editing your Areas of Interest on the right side of the page.

    4. Download delivered improvements directly from the Project Results tab.