ASUG Members on Hot Trends in BI and Analytics Webcast Recap

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    Craig Powers, ASUG News, lead this webcast with SAP's Nic Smith on May 9th

    Slides and recording are here ASUG Members on Hot Trends in BI and Analytics  (requires logon)


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    Looking at trends, which products using, and non-SAP products used

    Trends included BusinessObjects Cloud and SAP Vora

    Are they doing traditional reporting and advanced reporting


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    Theme found is that analytics has moved from competitive advantage to most companies are using to keep up


    Newer technologies are coming about



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    Broad range of titles answered survey

    One third of organization have been a long-time BI customer

    36% IT director, manager



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    What are ASUG members using?


    Gartner is pushing for advanced analytics


    Most respondents are using BI and analytics to look at past/current state


    22% to predict or prescribe


    Nic agreed that this is consistent with what seeing with customers

    Organizations need to be more nimble and do more things


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    Broad range of tools being used




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    Craig said SAP has tried to condense its toolset




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    Source: ASUG

    BusinessObjects Cloud Adoption


    Nic said BusinessObjects Cloud is over 2 years old


    Announced predictive capabilities at last year's SAPPHIRENOW


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    Connecting to Big Data Sources


    Craig asked Nic asked about using SAP Vora

    Nic says customers are looking at deep learning, machine learning topics but many are not there yet

    Begin the investment


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    Craig says not surprising

    91% says will rise in time


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    Similar or better insight


    Nic: a growing frustration from customers know frustration is happening but want to scale across the organization

    Nic: focus on trust and scalability (Lumira on-premise) and BusinessObjects Cloud


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    What is SAP doing around data science?

    Nic says there is an increased demand, covered how insights are brought to you so that you don't need a degree in data science

    Nic says SAP is investing in both - masters of data science and citizen data scientist; machine learning is part of BusinessObjects Cloud

    Everything is moving towards machine learning


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    Conclusion - more data driven


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    Download the survey; requires logon




    Q: Where are the roadmaps?

    A: Go to

    Q: Cash analytics solutions?

    A: 400 apps on SAP marketplace

    Can also use SAP Cloud Platform to build out

    Q: What is your opinion on Watson?

    A: Cognitive solution, SAP is investing in this area; not partnering on that solution



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