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    Session 7 of 8: Hidden Gems!!! Advantages of Using Universe with Crystal Reports

    Hosted by: Global BusinessObjects Network

    Attend this session to learn the benefits of using Universe as source for the Crystal Reports

    Major topics include:

    ·       Using Universe as Single source of Truth (Everyone in the organization uses the same data which is validated thoroughly)

    ·       Create once and reuse (Avoid creating SQL statements or Table mappings for every report, build the universe once and reuse it for many crystal reports)

    ·       Making Report Maintenance and Change management easy with Universe (Update at one place which reflects in all of your reports instead of modifying the embedded SQL in every report)

    ·       Setting up and using the advantages of the integrated security in Universe (Implementing @BOUSER to filter the data based on the user running the report)

    ·       Leveraging the advantages of Universe functions in making the complex crystal reports simple (Using the universe functions will make the report developer's life easy)


    Gray Mitchell

    Gray Mitchell  is a Senior BI Consultant who has spent the last four years performing implementation, design, and training in a variety of industries including Education, Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Entertainment and Retail.  He routinely helps clients lower cost of ownership and make timely and accurate decisions by implementing and designing BI solutions to fit requirements and future needs.  Gray has a strong understanding of business analysis, SAP BI applications, and agile development methodologies. He specializes in the development and application of Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence Documents, as well as the administration of SAP Business Intelligence Platforms.

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