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    Register Now - How the City of Chicago Migrated to SAP BI 4.2

    Hosted by: BI Platform SIG

    The city of Chicago has run SAP BusinessObjects since 2000 (5X,6X, XI R2, 3.1, 4.2). SAP Business Objects is the primary reporting tool for the city of Chicago (e.g., 311,911, police, fire, W2s, POs, invoices), with 1500 users and 800 reports scheduled daily. The city of Chicago uses GB&Smith 360Suite daily for auditing, security administration, disaster and recovery, incremental backup, environment clean-up and impact analysis.



    Dariusz Zyskowski, Business Intelligence Manager, City of Chicago

    Dariusz has over 19 years of experience in Business Intelligence/Data Analytics field and is considered an expert on SAP Business Objects product suite. He gained vast knowledge of many different analytic tools through numerous BI implementations and deployments. Business Intelligence hands on Manager for the City of Chicago since 2000 with prior experience with Unilever and PEPSI. Dariusz graduated from University of Illinois in 1994 and holds number of IT related certifications.

    Sebastian Goiffon, CEO and Founder, GB & Smith

    Sebastien Goiffon has gained recognized field expertise over 18 years using Business Objects. He performed dozens of migrations from BO v3 (legacy world) to BI4. He is known for being one of the best experts around of SAP BusinessObjects Security.1gb.jpg

    Join us, Tuesday, January 17, 2017, 11:00 AM Central Standard Time, Noon Eastern

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    Register Now - Lessons Learned from an Enterprise SAP BusinessObjects Lumira Deployment at Organic Valley

    Hosted by: Analytics SIG of BI Communities

    Organic Valley is a $1 billion farming cooperative whose employees loved SAP Crystal Reports, SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence and, most of all, Excel. Requesting reports from IT took too long, and business insights were hidden in tabular data. In 2016, the BI team rolled out SAP BusinessObjects Lumira. In this presentation, you'll learn about the deployment approach, data and universe preparation, and impact self-service data visualization has had in its first year post go-live.


    Jennifer Rhudy, Data Services Director, CROPP Cooperative

    Jennifer Rhudy is the Data Services Director at CROPP Cooperative. She leads a team of BI and Data Professionals. Jennifer's experience includes maturing a Data Governance Program and building a Data Warehouse from the ground up.

    Robert Hoversten, Business Intelligence Architect, Organic Valley

    Robert Hoversten is responsible for implementing, maintaining, and documenting Organic Valley's SAP BI Platform, leading and teaching Web Intelligence reporting and universe design, and implementing the rest of the BI Suite.

    Join us Thursday, January 19, 2017, 11:00 AM Central Standard Time, Noon Eastern

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    Register Now - Empowering End-Users: How Phoenix Contact Changed Its BI Standard


    Hosted by: Reporting SIG

    What a difference a year makes. By educating and enabling end-users to access data and create their own reports, Phoenix Contact transitioned BI from being IT-centric to Business User-driven. We’ll look at how Phoenix Contact successfully migrated from 3.1 to 4.x and transitioned BI development to the business. During this session we will cover:

    • Migration strategy and time to execute.
    • The new BI reporting standard at Phoenix Contact.
    • User examples and feedback.
    • Phoenix Contact next steps.


    Deb Franke, Phoenix

    Deb Franke is responsible for the BusinessObjects system used in the Phoenix Contact Americas region. Prior to Phoenix Contact, Deb served in the same role at FCI. Deb has 17 years of experience with Business Objects.

    Join us Tuesday, January 24, 2017, Noon Eastern

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    Register Now - How Honeywell Aerospace went from Whiteboard to Dashboard in Eight Weeks (Customer Story)

    Hosted by: Dashboarding & Analytics SIGs

    In the past, Honeywell Aerospace did not have a common tool to provide a view of how CSMs were progressing toward targets in a given fiscal quarter. To get this information, they had to manually execute various reports to get data out of SAP solutions and SFDC and then merge it all together. This session will walk you through how the Honeywell Aerospace BI team developed a CSM standard-work tool, from whiteboard to dashboard, in just eight weeks.1dennis.jpg


    Dennis Scoville, IT Manager, Business Intelligence & Technology

    Dennis Scoville is the principal Business Intelligence Solutions Leader and was the principal architect of the SAP HANA and SAP BusinessObjects 4.x global roll-out within Honeywell Aerospace.

    Join us Wednesday, January 25, 2017, Noon Eastern

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    Register Now - Build It and They Will Come, But Do They Know Where and What it Means? South Carolina Enterprise Information Systems

    Hosted by: Reporting & Dashboarding SIGs

    SCEIS (South Carolina Enterprise Information Systems) has built over 200 reports in many areas for enterprise and individual needs. The problem is that users do not know where the reports are located, which reports to use for what situations or what to do with the data in the reports. As a solution, Reporting Links dashboard with direct links to each report were built, along with a searchable tool using SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio for word searches to help locate reports and tutorials loaded into SAP BusinessObjects to show the purpose of the reports and its data.


    John Taylor, Deputy Director, South Carolina Enterprise Information Systems

    John Taylor is responsible for Enterprise Information Management and Reporting for the South Carolina Enterprise Information Systems. John is a CPA with 30 years in the Public Sector, 10 years of Business Objects and 8 years of SAP experience.

    Join us Thursday, January 26, 2017, Noon Eastern

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