ASUG BI Highlights and Updates - January 2017

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    1dell.jpgIntroducing the ASUG BI Platform Market Leader Volunteer


    Meet ASUG BI Platform Market Leader Dell Stinnett-Christy


    Meet Dell Stinnett-Christy, our new ASUG BI Platform SIG Market Leader volunteer.  Dell has volunteered before and has already started volunteering for ASUG by moderating ASUG webcasts.  Dell has been working w/ BI platform for over 10 years, online, and is active on BI platform space on the SAP Community site.


    Dell enjoys helping people.  Dell is also a SAP Community Topic Leader.


    Read more about Dell here.


    Introducing the ASUG BI Platform Volunteer Chair


    Meet ASUG BI Platform Chair Simon To


    Meet Simon To, our new ASUG BI Platform SIG Chair.  Simon has volunteered as an ASUG BusinessObjects Ambassador.  Simon is currently Program Chair for the ASUG Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter.  Simon is also an SAP Mentor, one the "most influential community participants in the SAP ecosystem."


    Simon also volunteers his time with the Boy Scouts and loves tennis.  You can follow Simon on twitter @substring




    January ASUG BI Webcasts