Early Adopter Care for CPM

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    From: Suzann Watson

    Phone: 610-909-8982

    For Early Adopter Care (EAC)



    For Continuous Improvement input






    We are pleased to be able to   offer you Early Adopter Care Services for SAP Success Factors Continuous Performance Management (CPM).   The Services are available for the initial set of customers who are using this new feature. We would like to engage with customers who are interested in collaboration with us and with other customers regarding feedback activities for this new functionality. With your active participation, you will help SAP SuccessFactors to gain early feedback from your usage of the latest software and which may also serve as a basis for further improvements.


    What are the benefits that you can expect?


    • Opportunity to provide direct feedback on the product to SAP product management
    • Share best practices with your peers
    • Access to the group’s JAM collaboration space
    • Participation in a regularly scheduled CPM Early Adopter Hours where relevant topics and plans
        will be discussed


    What s SAP SuccessFactors CPM?  This new feature of Performance and Goals was launched in the Q1 2016 release – see information here and an overview video here


    If you are interested in participating and to find out more about the program, contact Suzann Watson.   You can also let us know by responding to this simple survey. Note that your request to participate will be reviewed and if it is approved, you will be accepted into the Early Adopter Care Services for SAP SuccessFactors CPM and notified of next steps.

    For more information on program requirements, please contact your Early Adoption Program Lead: Suzann Watson


    Best regards,

    Suzann Watson

    SAP Early Adopter Care Services is SAP's early adoption program for customers that want to go live with SAP's software innovations as soon as possible. For more information about SAP's early adoption program please contact Influence.sap.com.

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