A Message from Steve Hunt to the CPM Influence Council - Dec 8, 2016

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    From: "Hunt, Steven" <s.hunt@sap.com>
    Date: Thursday, December 8, 2016 at 12:04 PM
    To: Sherryanne Meyer <sherryanne.meyer@asug.com>
    Cc: "Lande, Carrie" <carrie.lande@sap.com>, "Sherwood, Joe" <joe.sherwood@sap.com>, "Albert, Lara" <lara.albert@sap.com>, "Pytel, Lauren" <lauren.pytel@sap.com>
    Subject: follow up from today's call


    Hi Sherry, wow am I glad I joined todays call!   What a great conversation.  Fantastic to listen to all the ideas and questions from so many engaged customers.   We should cancel presentations at the last minute more often J


    Here are some follow up on things we talked about.  Feel free to forward this to the group.


    A summary of SAP SuccessFactors HCM Research on the topic of performance management

    The HCM Research group has been actively studying performance management topics for many years, with a specific focus on continuous performance management starting around 2013.  Here’s a quick summary of what we know so far and what we’re currently looking at. We also welcome any questions or suggestions from customers on topics they’d like us to examine.


    What we know so far from past experience

    [Here links to] slides from a webinar I recently gave on “creating the conditions for continuous performance management” and a white paper we just released discussing performance management in general.  Slide 14 in the webinar contains links to blogs that discuss several performance management topics including elimination of ratings.  


    What we want to learn through additional customer interviews

    There are two major sides of performance management:  1) providing employees with regular coaching and feedback to support their success, and 2) assessing employee contributions and performance to guide critical workforce management decisions related to compensation, staffing and development investments.    We are currently conducting two projects looking at these two areas in order to identify both effective practices and methods to identify and manage risks.

    · Continuous Performance Management. Led by Joe Sherwood from the HCM Research team, this study involves conducting 60 minute interviews with customers who are currently using or exploring processes and technology designed to support ongoing employee feedback and coaching.   The purpose of this study is to identify different use cases associated with continuous performance management along with best practices related to change management, training and process governance.  


    · Calibration and talent reviews. Led by Lauren Pytel of the HCM Research team, this study involves holding 60 minute interviews with customers to learn about how they conduct calibration sessions.    The purpose is to identify factors that impact the accuracy, efficiency and value of calibration processes used to support performance management, compensation, and succession.   We are interested in learning about all forms of calibration methods including those that may not utilize SuccessFactors calibration tools.


    All interview results will be kept confidential.  Any questions used for the interviews are provided in advance.  We will not share customer names in any material produced through these projects. We will of course share the results of the study with customers through white papers, webinars and conversations.   If you would be willing to participate in a 60 minute interview on either of these topics please contact Steve Hunt at s.hunt@sap.com