Enterprise Information Management Community Overview

Version 3

    In order to bring more benefits to our combined membership, the Data Governance (DG) and Data Management (DM) SIGs have joined forces to form the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Community. This Community was created because of the following reasons:


    • Alignment with SAP – SAP manages all of the products covered by both SIGs under one EIM umbrella. It is logical to align our membership with SAP’s direction regarding their solutions.
    • Similarity of the Groups – While there are ways of differentiating between DG and DM content, activities, etc., the lines between these groups is becoming increasingly blurred. Now we will bring them together in a consistent and more explicit way.
    • Easier Management – The same team will be involved in the management of the SIGs and Community.  While working together "behind the scenes" in the past, now we will officially collaborate for the common benefit of all members of both SIGs.
    • Promotion/Expansion of the Data Governance Conference – The Data Governance Conference has expanded to members of both the Data Governance and Data Management SIGs. The content at this event has been moving in an EIM direction—aligned with SAP's portfolio—and so there will be a lot of great content for both DG and DM attendees. For DG members, expect even more from this event; and for DM members, it will be a great way of engaging with our comprehensive EIM Community.