Portal Integration and Interoperability Description

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    The ASUG Portal Integration and Interoperability SIG focuses on the many integration and interoperability scenarios, opportunities, and issues for SAP customers who utilize two or more different portal technology platforms. The two portal technology platforms of primary consideration by this SIG are SAP's NetWeaver Portal and Microsoft's SharePoint Portal platforms but those with interests in other portal platform combinations and strategies which include SAP's NetWeaver Portal are welcome.


    If you are interested in what portal integration and interoperability methods are currently available, when the available methods might be most applicable or not,  how the available methods should best be utilized, and where SAP and Microsoft are going with portal integration and interoperability...then this SIG is for you!


    Some of the key topics that the ASUG Integration and Interoperability SIG cover include:


    - Portal Interoperability (NetWeaver Portal & SharePoint Portal)


    - Duet


    - Front End - Services layer (e.g. Office - NetWeaver) integration scenarios


    - Application & Process interoperability


    - Interoperability between NetWeaver XI & BizTalk


    - Security-related interoperability opportunities/issues (SSO, authentication, authorization, consolidated user & identity management)


    - Interoperability between NetWeaver AS & .NET, IIS, Visual Studio


    Special Message from the SIG


    Thank you for visiting the ASUG Portal Integration and Interoperability SIG. We invite you to check out our Upcoming Events and past event proceedings to the right.