Enterprise Architecture Community Overview

Version 2

    The ASUG Enterprise Architecture communities provides a forum for the discussion, development and dissemination of information on effective approaches to the various Enterprise Architecture components. These SIG Communities offer focused and targeted opportunities for Enterprise Architects to better leverage what is available today, plan roadmaps for tomorrow, and influence future SAP developments.


    What is Enterprise Architecture?

    According to TOGAF "the primary reason for developing an enterprise architecture is to support the business by providing the fundamental technology and process structure for an IT strategy".


    Why do I need an enterprise architecture?

    TOGAF goes on to state that a good enterprise architecture enables you to achieve the right balance between IT efficiency and business innovation. It allows individual business units to innovate safely in their pursuit of competitive advantage. At the same time, it assures the needs of the organization for an integrated IT strategy, permitting the closest possible synergy across the extended enterprise.