Business Process Architecture Description

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    With the advent of Enterprise SOA, there is now an opportunity to shift IT from being a cost center to contributing as a revenue generator. Those that have the forward thinking to seize this opportunity will look to internal and external drivers that can bridge the gap between Business and IT.


    Business Process Architecture (BPA) is key to eSOA and a key part of the Business Process Experts (BPX). The Business Process Expert has the business knowledge and the IT savvy to make business process innovation happen in real-time through best practices, composition software, and Enterprise SOA. The Business Process Architect models these processes in tools like ARIS, as part of the Enterprise architecture process.


    The BPA SIG aims to bring together experts with business knowledge and IT savvy to create an active community that explores the internal and external drivers that can bridge that gap between Business and IT.


    This SIG focuses on:


    - Creating and maintaining a strong connection with the Enterprise Architecture community


    - Connecting to other relevant concurrent ASUG and SAP efforts, such as BPX


    - Sharing key insights and successes


    - Discussing architecture standards and methodologies


    - Directly connecting to SAP in terms of architecture and product feedback


    Special Message from the SIG


    Thank you for visiting the ASUG Business Process Architecture (BPA) SIG. This SIG is dedicated to individuals who are passionate about progressing IT by means of business process excellence. As rightfully stated in the SAP BPX community website, our mission statement is to "bridge the gap between business and Information Technology".


    IT professionals like business analysts, usability architects, business partners (A.K.A business relationship managers), business architects, etc who deal with various line of businesses as a part of their daily job responsibilities clearly recognize the significance of business process management. This SIG addresses all aspects of business process management including design, execution, architecture, etc.


    We invite you to check out our Upcoming Events and past event proceedings to the right. If you have any questions or would like to champion any BPA initiatives, please contact any of our volunteer leaders listed below.