BI Platform Description

Version 3



    The BI Platform SIG brings together SAP customers to share best practices and real-world experiences implementing, supporting, and troubleshooting the SAP BusinessObjects solution portfolio.  SIG members work with each other and SAP to improve SAP BusinessObjects Administration-related knowledge, drive new solutions, and increase adoption.


    The goals of the BI Platform SIG are:


    - Deliver content to promote best-in-class BI Platform administration practices


    - Keep you up to speed with the ever-changing market in BI


    - Reduce your total cost of ownership of their SAP BusinessObjects deployments by keeping you highly informed


    - Provide networking with local user groups for BI Platform content


    - Assist SAP in finding community members to act as trusted advisors for pre-alpha products and requirements


    Special Message from the SIG


    Thank you for your interest in our SIG. Our yearly agenda includes e-mail newsletters, Web-based seminars, and user conference presentations to discuss best practices and other topics related to administration and maintenance of the SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform in any data environment and on any platform. Visit our discussion forum and workspace to get the answers you need.


    Join the BI Platform SIG today!  Go to , scroll down, and select Add a Technology and add Business Intelligence Communities