Oil And Gas Downstream Description

Version 1



    The primary focus will be on downstream-related activities for the Oil & Gas industry. Downstream represents refinery operations, supply and distribution, and marketing and trading, excluding retail.


    The Downstream SIG promotes knowledge and experience sharing related to the usage and continued development of SAP´s solutions for Downstream Supply Chain Management (e.g. TSW- Traders Schedulers Workbench, Formula & Average Pricing, Exchange Borrow/Loan Functionality, Trading/Risk Management, and any other functionality related to the downstream portion of the Oil & Gas industry). The SIG also focuses on providing a forum for collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst its member companies to promote, educate, and illustrate SAP´s functional and technical application to the Downstream industry.  The Downstream SIG allows member companies to influence SAP´s software development by providing them with a forum to identify industry trends/interests, escalate industry issues, and prioritize opportunities for improvement for new development.