Global Trade Services Description

Version 1



    This Special Interest Group (SIG) focuses on the Global Trade Services (GTS) application as a whole.

    Typical topics include:


    • Compliance Management - Sanctioned Party List (SPL) Screening, Embargo Checking, Import and Export License Determination
    • Customs Management - Product Classification, Duty Derivation, Customs Documents, Customs Electronic Communication
    • Risk Management - Trade Preference Processing, Financials, Restitution management.


    Additionally topics include infrastructure and interfaces between GTS and R/3 as well as non-R/3 systems.

    The Global Trade Services SIG membership is comprised of individuals such as end users, project team members, technical analysts and consultants representing many different industries; knowledge levels range from new users to experienced users and technical experts.


    Special Message from the SIG


    Thank you for visiting our SIG home page! We are here to help you get the most from your GTS installation in whatever way we can. If you have ideas to energize the global trade community, we'd love to hear them. Feel free to post questions and comments in our discussion forum or email us with your thoughts.

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