Run SAP Like a Factory Description

Version 1



    The approach to equally effective and efficient application management and solution operation can be summed up with the motto Run SAP like a Factory.  Run SAP like a Factory, through SAP Solution Manager, is SAP´s approach to operating SAP Solutions. In the process, the SAP Solution Manager creates a central Operations Control Center that provides all the important status and runtime information on the most important business processes, their critical interfaces and the underlying software components.


    Major focus areas:

    • Business Process Operations
    • Application Operations
    • Maintenance Optimization


    Using Run SAP like a Factory, you can perform the following tasks:


    • Monitor components of the end-to-end processes to ensure that they are available and stay available for all your critical processes.
    • Manage business process exceptions in solutions wherever they may occur.
    • Rapidly identify the root cause of a problem, and restore service if any interface or component fails.
    • Integrate all providers in an Operations Control Center for 24 x 7 Mission Critical Support.