Enterprise Portfolio & Project Management Community Overview

Version 2

    Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management processes include developing new products and services based on value-driven investment decisions as well as aligning product manufacturing strategy, streamlining development processes, optimizing product/project selection, responding to customer inquiries, coordinating project resources, and managing performance metrics.

    • EPPM process and technology focus includes:- Capitalize on your best ideas, and translate them into innovative products and services.  Foster innovation and integrate unique products, services, processes, methodologies, and governance with idea management software.
    • Portfolio Management- Align your project portfolio with business goals and strategies.  Portfolio management processes and software improve efficiency via effective project selection, benchmarking, resource integration, and risk mitigation.
    • Project Management- Align individual projects with business objectives.  Use proven tools for managing project resources and financials through all project phases from initiation to close.
    • Resource Management- Identify the resources required to implement your project.  Identify bottlenecks, create detail resource schedules, assign the necessary skills, and prevent shortages.
    • Project Connectivity– Synchronize all project data across multiple project systems, and manage planning and scheduling metrics.

    SAP’s software product suite supporting EPPM process includes Innovation Management, Portfolio and Project Management, Commercial Project Management, Enterprise Project Connector, cProject Suite, ECC Project Systems, and Multiresource Scheduling.