MRO Materials And Services Community Overview

Version 3

    The nature of MRO materials support offers distinctive relationships with Enterprise Asset Management versus typical operations direct procurement. The MRO Materials & Services SIG will represent the functional MRO roles in any organization that are otherwise not represented today. This SIG would be of particular interest to Stores Managers, Maintenance Planners, Team Leaders, and anyone engaged in the technical and functional support of the MRO Materials and Services Supply Chain.


    The MRO Materials & Services SIG will provide a communication vehicle unique to this community which will promote the effective utilization of the SAP software by sharing solutions to problems and exchanging ideas and information in the following major areas:

    •Inventory Management of MRO Materials

    •Procurement of MRO Materials and Services

    •Accounts payable integration, including accounting rules relative to MRO Materials & Services

    •Plant Maintenance integration

    •Capital Projects integration

    •General MRO logistics management and reporting

                 •Master data maintenance, workflow and archiving relating to procurement, MRO inventory management and accounts payable